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    Love the stories I've read so far,can't wait for another one!
    -Melissa N




    hey anita this story was mind blowing and scary .I n my friends freaked out after reading this story ,awesome job man !!!!!!!


    i wanted to thank you for all of your amazing stories.
    -Paniz S


    i couldn't choose one so i chose all they were all gr8
    -Karina C


    I love it honey....stuff like that makes me tear up every just goes to show the bond of siblings no matter how much they agree and disagree.
    -Tonja H


    This is much more believable then that stupid rugrats theory thanks for putting the truth out there :-D
    -Ivy S


    Haaiiii (: i just started reading your blog, you are amazing :o!^___^ lol
    -Angie M


    that was soo scary ^ ^ those red eyes gave me the creeps lol


    I like more stories as it's near Halloween. I find them quite interesting while I'm in bed for the night. Keep up the good work
    -Tracey C


    That was an awesome story personaily i love slender man so this story just made my day
    -Evie M


    i read all of ur stories lol i just love scary stories ^ ^


    I enjoyed the article about Hello kitty's history. I learned many things throughout this article and had a few laughs as well.
    -Charity M


    I love this story, I love to read your storys before I go to sleep its very exciting and it just makes me wanna read more and more ... Anita, I love your stories just keep them coming. :)


    This is a beautiful and heartwarming story. Thanks!


    Loved both stories the scary one nd the boy with the coins nd mean waitress :) cant wait for more stories :D


    i liked it! can you send me all your new storys plz


    -Doralina P


    Hope you post more scary stories. :D, Loved this! Now we all just need a campfire and some smores :D


    it helps me to just come here and look up stories. it also helps me past the time by when im not tending to childern. i loved the story of bloody mary. its my favorite thing to read about. so thank you for puting up this notebook.
    -Desiray M


    I like this better than the more "traditional" Cinderella stories, frankly.


    Hi Anita, So this isn't a question, but I recently saw your posts about the Hey Arnold! truth and then, about the Rugrats truth. I just wanted to say thank you writing these posts. I have been wondering the real stories for a long time, hoping that the "truths" I kept reading about were untrue. And now I know they are. You saved my childhood=o) Also, I love stories too=o)


    The stories you've posted so far have really fueled my interest in legends
    -Joyce S


    Lovely. Last night I read it, as if I'm a child. The more I read the more I was delighted. I wanted that this be real :). Thank you, I love this.
    -Lizbeth W


    Oh my god , this is so weird i been looking for answers like this for many years thank you! : )


    More STORIES PLEASE ! I love them !!!
    -Brianna C


    I have been reading your stories for a long time and you have inspired me to look further in to things than just the obvious. you have made my life so interesting, THANK YOU. (:


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*Oops! The Greek Myth Of Pandora’s Box*

Picture of Pandora trying to keep evil spirits in Pandora's Box.

—Pandora about two seconds after opening The Box

Ever heard the saying ‘opening Pandora’s box‘?

It means to do something small that then gets way out of hand.

Shraddha S. wrote to me requesting more stories from Greek Mythology, so here’s the story behind the saying ‘opening Pandora’s box’ that comes to us from long ago. It all starts with a tricky guy named Prometheus…


Prometheus wasn’t like the other Gods and Titans that lived on Mt. Olympus. Instead of enjoying the paradise that life in the clouds provided, he liked to spend time on earth and walk amongst humans.

According to Greek mythology at this time people on earth consisted only of men, something that the ancient Greeks thought was the ideal state of the world. Despite this though one thing wasn’t ideal about the setup, people lived in misery because they had to eat raw food each day and shivered from the cold every night.

Picture of Prometheus from Greek Mythology.Prometheus saw how the people around him were suffering and decided to take action. He knew that on Mt. Olympus the Gods and Titans had a thing called fire that would make the life of humans a lot better, so he went up to Zeus, the king of all the Gods, and asked to take some fire down to earth.

Zeus wasn’t having it though. He basically said ‘oh hell no’ and GTFO with that idea’. See, Zeus felt that giving humans fire would make them too powerful and would eventually enable them to overthrow the Gods of Mt. Olympus and he wasn’t going to let that happen.

Prometheus wasn’t intimidated though. He knew he wasn’t powerful enough to challenge Zeus but he was a clever guy, so he used his mind to keep looking out for a way to get fire to humans. One day while he was on one of his long walks he noticed a stalk of fennel and a lightbulb went on in his mind. He broke off the stalk and excitedly headed up to Mt. Olympus.


Prometheus waited until Zeus was fast asleep after an evening of partying on Mt. Olympus. He tiptoed slowly over to where Zeus kept the famous lightning bolt he used to throw lightning out of the sky, and then scraped some sparks into the fennel stalk.

Story of Prometheus stealing fire from Zeus.

Inside the fennel stalk was a dry, cotton like material that would burn slow enough for Prometheus to get the ember back to earth. Once there he made sure that every group of humans had their own fire.

It wasn’t long before Zeus found out what had happened, after all, the earth was that was normally pitch dark at night was now lit up with the fires people were using to keep warm.

Zeus was shaking with anger. Prometheus had disobeyed and tricked him before, but this was the last straw. By giving fire to humans Prometheus had potentially threatened the survival of the Gods themselves.

For punishment Zeus immediately ordered Prometheus chained to a rock. There he was to stay in misery for all eternity as an eagle sat there slowly pecking out his liver during the day. Because he was immortal each night his liver would grow back, making his days an endless row of excruciating pain.

Luckily a few years later Hercules came by and got rid of the Story Prometheus liver being eaten by hawk.eagle and freed Prometheus from eternal torment. But human beings were not so lucky.


Just because humans had nothing to do with getting fire didn’t mean that Zeus was going to let them escape his wrath. He was *ahem* burning mad and intended on showing humans who was boss.

He ordered a new type of human created, not a man like the rest, but a woman. Her name was Pandora and all of the Gods on Mt. Olympus gave her a gift, some were nice and some were mean, but Zeus himself gave her the gift of curiosity. Then he set his plan into action.

When he sent Pandora to her new life he put a beautiful golden box in her hands. He ordered her to keep it but said to never ever open it as long as she lived. Well as you can imagine, try as she might when she got to her new home she just couldn’t get her mind off of what might be in the box. No matter if she hid it in a corner or tried to completely remove it from the house it just wouldn’t work.

Story of Pandora opening Pandora's Box.One day she couldn’t stand it anymore and figured she’d just take a peek into the box for a second. But as soon as she lifted the lid it flew open and all the evil spirits it contained went out and spread over the earth. According to Greek mythology this is how most of the sorrows of the world were unleashed on humanity. All the problems of disease, war, sorrow, and on and on.

As you can imagine Pandora was horrified at what happened, and even more, she was terrified that Zeus would strike her down for not following his orders. But he never did anything about it at all since everything went according to his plan, now he’d gotten his revenge on humans.


So this my friends is the story behind the saying ‘opening Pandora’s box’. In the time of the ancient Greeks this story was a way for them to try and understand why things like disease and war existed.

Of course nowadays we’re much more advanced and know that the problems of the world weren’t released from a box by a lady named Pandora. But there’s still something we can learn from this ancient story: curiosity is a great gift, but think before you act, or else you might end up releasing all sorts of problems into your life!

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