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Michael Jackson Vs. Janitor (Funny)

A Michael Jackson impersonator auditioning on Britain’s Got Talent is interrupted when a janitor walks on stage…


The Song -Listen to the entire song ‘Nachna Onda Nei’ by Tigerstyle.

The Album -Download ‘The Rising’ from Amazon.

The Dancers -More about Suleman Mirza and Madhu Singh, who call their dance group ‘Signature’.

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So you have insomnia and need something to do…

What's going on inside your brain when you have insomnia.

You can’t sleep. And now you’re wandering the internet like some kind of digital zombie. I’m there all the time so I know how it is…better find something to do quick before you completely lose your mind:

Stumbleupon -Tell Stumbleupon a few of your interests, push a button, and get sent to something interesting. The more you stumble the more it learns what you like. It’s a great way to see parts of the internet that you would have never seen otherwise.

Reddit -Random interesting news, blogs, videos, and pictures.

Wikipedia Hitler Game -Go to Wikipedia and click on the random article link. The goal is to find your way to the Adolf Hitler page by clicking on links in the article.

Normal Mode: Click on any links. Limit of five clicks.

Hard mode: Clicking on dates and/or place names is not allowed. Limit of four clicks.

General notes: The back button counts as a click. This isn’t simply about finding the quickest route, but figuring it out as you go.

43Things -So you can’t sleep because your life kind of sucks and you aren’t anywhere near where you wanted to be at this point? Well get out off the couch and do something about it. Or at least make a list.

43Things is like a cross between a personal to-do list and a community blog. That might sound only slightly more interesting than a regular to-do list unusual but it works pretty well. And you can read posts from other people who are going through the same things you are. For example: insomnia.

We Feel Fine -A pshychedelic interactive trip through human feelings harvested from blog posts around the world. Yes really. And you can change the parameters for things like location, age, gender, weather, etc.

Fail Blog -Pictures and videos of random FAIL moments.

Stumble Video -The video only section of Stumbleupon. You’ll see some crazy shit.

Pixdaus -All kinds of beautiful/interesting/strange pictures.

Make a YouTube video -Make a video, upload it, then obsessively check your stats to see how many people have watched it.

Twitter Search -Spend some time eavesdropping on other people’s thoughts and conversations. Just punch in a random keyword and see what you get. For example: insomnia.

PalinAsPresident -No need to miss out on nightmares just because you can’t sleep. Step into and interact with a possible future world where Sarah Palin President.

The Onion -Sometimes fake news is more true than real news. -Stare into the eyes of people who lived 100 years ago.

Internet Memes Timeline -Take a trip down memory lane and see all those memes you worked so hard to forget.

DesktopNexus -Find a new wallpaper for your desktop. If you’re picky like me then this will kill a good two hours or so.

Scariest Infomercial Ever -Got an infomercial on in the background? Those people selling the secrets to real estate millions or hawking the amazing no-sit-up situp machine have got nothing on The Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the scariest infomercial known to man:

Musicmesh -Bored with what you’re listening to? This is a great way to find new music, just surf from album to album. It runs off of YouTube so you get to see the videos too.

Wilderness Wiki -Learn how to do all kinds of outdoors-y stuff. Lots of pictures.

FFFFound! -Satisfy your inner graphic artist.

Defrag Your Brain -If you have an hour to spare (well if you’re reading this then yes) this video will change your life. Probably. Jon Kabat-Zinn leads a session on mindfulness with a focus on creativity and technology:

One Sentence -True stories told in one sentence.

World Sunlight Map -The last resort. Watch as the sun slowly makes its way around the globe to wherever you’re at. You can count on getting sleepy as soon as those rays of light start to come in through your window. Because nothing cures insomnia like the sun coming up.