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A New Site About Jody


Hi Everyone,

I’d like to announce a new website about Jody up at:

What’s different?

We’ve drawn on ideas from the memorial blog and made it into a more well rounded website. One of the problems with the blog format was that it was difficult for people to navigate and see all the content. So at this new site there are dedicated sections like a gallery for pictures/videos/cards and a page for stories. The blog will still be there but it’ll now be a place where updates and edits are announced so that it’s easy to keep up with new things that are posted.

I’d like to give major credit to Jennifer for the concept and construction of this website. No doubt it’s a monumental task to have to build any site from scratch. But she also had extra challenges like transitioning content from the blog, making it accessible to people from parts of the world with vastly different (and conflicting) web access, and above all making sure that the site expresses who Jody was as a person. It’s amazing and I couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out. And after watching all the work that went into it I have to say that I have serious respect for people who design websites :).

The Guestbook

I think the most interesting part about this new site is the guestbook. Yes it’s a place for visitors to the site to leave messages or comments…but it also goes beyond that and draws on things people have written in other places about Jody. It’s a collaborative effort and I think over time it will tell a unique (and unpredictable) kind of story. It’s just starting out right now so feel free to add something yourself, it’s open to anyone at any time:

September Story

Lastly, September is here and this is a heartbreaking month for anyone that knew Jody or even for those that just knew of his story. Twenty-two is too young for anyone to die and it’s easy to get overwhelmed thinking about all the things he won’t get to do. It’s only natural to think about absence when someone dies, but what about their life?

We all knew Jody in different ways and have different stories to tell about him. I want to tell you about one part of his life that most people don’t know about but was an important part of who he was. It’s not finished right now but I’ll be posting it in the next few days on the Stories page. Anyway until then please take a look at the new site, hope you like it!



The story about Jody mentioned in this post is now up at his memorial: