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Anybody remember Trapper Keepers?

Anybody remember Trapper Keepers…the old kind that were all plastic and sometimes had edges sharp enough to slice your hand? The first ones were just plain colors but as time went on you could magically choose the design that expressed your unique personality perfectly…

And by that I mean you picked one of the four designs that happened to be available in the school supplies aisle you were in, which was usually something like: generic neon sports action shot with the word ‘RAD’underneath it, red Corvette driving in outer space, soothing stock photo of a hot air balloon, or Lisa Frank shiny dolphin wonderland.

I’m pretty sure I had a couple of plain ones, a Corvette, and some sort of spray painted landscape one…it’s hard to remember since that kind of thing tends to get lost in a fog of snap bracelets and unsolved Rubix Cubes ;).