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What It’s Like To Play E.T. – The Game That Atari Buried In The Nevada Desert

You might remember from The Atari Mass Video Game Burial Of 1983 post that ‘E.T. The Extra Terrestrial’ was so lame that millions of E.T. games were trucked to a landfill, encased in concrete, and buried in garbage because Atari couldn’t sell them.

Yeah wow right?? But could the game really have been that bad? Oh yes lol.

I found a video on YouTube of the game being played so that I could see for myself what the big deal was. I don’t know how to explain why I made it through the whole two minutes of the video other than…it’s one of those things that’s so bad you just can’t look away.

So the game is basically E.T. walking around falling in holes (wait that wasn’t in the movie) then walking around some more and falling in some more holes. How does he get out of the holes? Well he extends his neck and levitates upwards of course (hmmm).

Every so often some dude in a trench coat comes around and tries to hump E.T. and take him back to his alien molesting college. Seriously. No really…