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The Story Behind The Trololo Song (It’s Not What You Think)

Surely you’ve seen the epically amazing Trololo video by now, but did you ever wonder what the song was actually about?

Or maybe it didn’t even seem like the song could be about anything considering the lyrics are, well, there aren’t any really other than lololo and lalala type stuff.

But there is a story behind the song and here it is as explained by Edward Khil, the Trololo man himself:

“John on a mustang is riding across a prairie to his love Mary who is waiting for him and knitting him a woolen sock.”

There was one big problem though: the song was written in Soviet Russia and so a story about an American cowboy riding free on the range had no chance of making it past the censors back then.

It had to be changed. John and Mary were dropped and the officially sanctioned story of the song became “A man is merry he walks and sings for himself. He is glad and everyone around him is glad.” Talk about typical Soviet era censorship lol! We are all very happy and everyone is glad…lololo.

But the spirit of the song lived on in between the lines and the sound of the song was kept in the American style as much as was possible. You can hear a bit of this specifically in the ‘Aiieeee’ part that sounds a lot like it came from a cowboy song.

Another interesting Trololo related story is that Edward Khil had no clue that he was super famous on the internet until his grandson came home one day humming the Trololo song:

“I asked him what that was about. He answered that I am not keeping up to date and that in the internet all America is singing it while I am sleeping at home…”

I watched a video of an interview with him, turns out he’s a pretty awesome guy overall and even took all the Trololo parodies in stride. I can only hope to be that layed back about things when I’m seventy-five years old.