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A Thousand Stories

(photo by Sukanto Debnath)

Found this short story at Six Word Stories and liked it a lot:

A thousand wrinkles, a thousand stories.

Many people consider wrinkles to be a bad thing but personally I think they’re nice and give people character, often making them look more wise.

Of course this might change when I start to get wrinkles lol, I don’t know. But I like the idea of each wrinkle signifying some important story in somebody’s life and I think there’s a lot of truth in that.

What stories do wrinkles tell? Sometimes I think they can reveal sad things about somebody’s life. I once had a teacher who was fairly young but even by that age she had many severe looking wrinkles around her mouth like she had spent most of her life holding her words in. I always wondered if those wrinkles were there because in her personal life she had to censor herself a lot.

Other times they can tell happy stories about a person’s life. Like I see a lot of people with ‘laugh wrinkles’, obviously these people have smiled and laughed a lot in their lives. I hope those are the kind of wrinkles I get when I’m older :).