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Balancing Typewriters: The Strange Writing Habits Of Authors

I once saw an article by an author (can’t remember his name today for some reason) who said that he could only get good writing done while sitting in the dark in a cramped closet.

He shoved a chair, small desk, a laptop, and himself into the tiny space and closed the door. There he would spend hours just typing away and writing his novels. To me that seems horribly claustrophobic but to him it was a necessary step to get immersed into the world of the story he was writing.


That guy wasn’t the only author I’ve heard of with unusual writing habits though, many writers have weird things they do to help them get out their masterpieces.

Like Vladimir Nabokov, he only wrote standing up and used index cards instead of sheets of paper. He liked the fact that the cards could be easily rearranged in different ways later on to change the plot line. A single book of his could span thousands of cards when it was finished.

Truman Capote however only wrote while lying down and often while balancing a typewriter on his knees too. Actually he was probably just ahead of his time lol because a lot of people write lying down these days balancing laptops on their stomachs.

Carl Sandburg preferred to write while wearing a green eyeshade. (A green eyeshade is that green visor you always see bankers wearing in movies about ye olden days.)


If I were an author I wonder if I’d have a weird writing habit and if so what would it be? It would be cool to have a writing habit that was crazy and radically different than anybody else out there.

How about being known as the author who wrote all her books upside down :D, that would definitely make things more interesting.

If you were an author what do you think your weird writing would habit be??