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The Man Who Poured His Life Into Collecting Music

This video tells the story of Paul Mawhinney, a man who loves music so intensely that he collected over two million vinyl records and singles…so many that he ended up having to buy a special warehouse just to keep them in.

Now due to health problems he needs to sell his beloved collection. He’s priced it at a very small fraction of the appraised value but no serious buyers have ever come around.

Here is somebody who poured their self and life so much into a single thing that it became indistinguishable from who he is.

He viewed himself as being on a mission and providing a service to the future by archiving this music, but now that the future has become the present no one seems interested the way he thought they would be…

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Alive On The Shelves

“These are not books, lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves.”
Gilbert Highet

I don’t necessarily like how this is worded because it immediately made me think of rows of pulsating brains sitting on library shelves, but maybe that’s just me lol.

However I do like what this quote is saying and I think it’s very true. Reading is like having an author talk to you and tell you their thoughts or ideas, or take you on a trip through their imagination.