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Geocaching Against The Tide Of Mosquitoes

The pioneers slogging it out during the Gold Rush in Alaska said that the summers here would be a golden paradise…except for the mosquitoes.

The swarms of mosquitoes. The giant armadas of devil vampires hell-bent on sucking the life blood out of you pinprick by tiny pinprick.

This is what I thought of while in the middle of the woods on the way to a cache the other day. I was being endlessly besieged by a cloud of the Alaska State Bird and it was so unbearable that I was reduced to silly desperate tactics just to try to keep even a few of them off of me at a time.

Blades of tall grass in hand I waved both of my arms around in front of me in a wax on wax off sort of move as I walked. Yes it’s okay to laugh, really. It’s funny now.

What I really needed was one of those suits that the beekeepers wear which would have even been more of a spectacle but at least would have saved me a pint of two of blood.

When we got back to the cache it turned out to be a jack in the box that played a song and popped up with the log, which was pretty cool and creative actually but hard to appreciate fully because of the oh I don’t know thousand living darts that were throwing themselves at us at any given time.

I feel sorry for the pioneers who had to work out in these kinds of conditions all the time, I wonder how many of them went insane from dealing with swarms of mosquitoes day after day in the pursuit of gold. Hell, it almost drove me crazy in just one hour of geocaching know what I mean?

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A Multi-Tool With A Twist

Check out this new Gerber multi-tool that has a different sort of twist to it, it’s got a little built-in camera tripod.

I’m real happy with my Skeletool but this makes me want to retro fit it with some kind of tripod setup.

There’s been so many times that I’ve needed a tripod while travelling but didn’t have one on me. It’d be cool to always have one around since I never leave the house without a camera (gotta get all those pics of interesting stories after all lol)

Anyway if you want this Gerber multi-tool it’ll run about $65 and will be released sometime in 2012.