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Giving The Gift Of Creepy Dolls

While roaming a bookstore a while back the peeping eyes of this book cover caught my attention and I just had to snap a couple pictures with my phone so that I could blog about it later.

This book was part of a display that proclaimed it as “A Great Gift Under $15”.

The cover reminded me of when I was seven and someone gave me several old baby dolls…creepy ones with eyelids that opened and closed on their own depending on what angle the doll was at.

Wtf man, I didn’t even play with baby dolls and definitely not creepy ones, so I just kept them in their own little corner on my bedroom floor (as far away from me as possible).

At night they always looked so eerie just sitting there staring with their very human yet at the same time otherworldly eyes. It always seemed like if I was brave enough to watch them for a while their eyeballs would eventually start looking around the room on their own, alive. /shudder

I just looked the Creepy Ass Dolls book up on Amazon and the description of it says:

This fun and kooky little book sheds light on the otherwise unknown lives of these creepy little playmates. Creepy-Ass Dolls reveals the inner yearnings, desires, and lifelong goals of dolls.

Remember, there’s a reason they were kept in a toy box. This book offers a glimpse into the secret life of dolls with a yearbook approach, not only based around portrait photos, but also what the dolls are “most likely” to do; personal mottos and quotes; clubs and activities; favorite memories; and even faculty and staff.

Holy crap lmao! That was a bit unexpected. And oh hell no if it was actually possible I definitely would not want to know the memories or thoughts of any of old dolls. What do you think, would this book make a great gift? Do you know someone you’d want to give it to (and don’t say me lol)?