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Got The Luggage Tag For Wanderers :)

You might remember me writing about the ‘not all those who wander are lost’ tag picture I had seen not too long ago. I said that it would make an awesome luggage tag if it was made of a little more durable material, but regardless of what it was supposed to be for I’d love to have it.

I posted about this on Twitter as well and my lovely wife saw the Tweet and found out where the tag came from and got it for me as a surprise :).

(the one that Jennifer got me)

Turns out that it actually is in fact marketed as a luggage tag by OfTheFountain on Etsy who makes all sorts of hand stamped leather tags.

In person the tag looks a little more durable than in the original picture I saw so I guess it could be used as a luggage tag and be okay. Though I’d recommend switching out the leather strap for something more durable first if you want to be sure that your tag won’t break off during transit and end up doing it’s own sort of wandering.

That said I definitely like this a lot, it’s a really cool item for someone who loves stories like I do. Thanks Honey!