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The Danger Of The Looming Wolf

(via Visualizeus)

I’ve seen a ton of pictures illustrating the Little Red Riding Hood story lately but this is one of my favorites so far.

I love how the artist articulated the wolf looming in the woods, the danger he poses is everywhere and nowhere at once. Also love how Little Red Riding Hood is skipping into the woods with pigtails up, not a care in the world …yet.

It’s interesting to think that some of the oldest versions of this story didn’t include the happy ending that we’re all so familiar with. In those old versions after Little Red Riding Hood is eaten by the wolf there is no nearby woodcutter to come and rescue her nor is she able to outsmart the wolf and run away.

Instead the wolf eats her and…that’s it, that’s the end. A harsh story for what was often a very harsh world back then. But as the world changed so did the story and the danger of the looming wolf was transformed along with it.

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Intersection Swim (Hint Memoir)

We stepped cautiously, hoping to avoid premature dives into the wet grass. Of course the names would be in the giant fish… but which one?

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