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You’re A Creeper – A Facebook Story

This video tells a funny story about a situation that unfortunately many on Facebook know all too well.

A guy accepts a friend request from someone he had reservations about, just to be polite. Bad idea.

Moral of the story: creepers gonna creep, don’t accept their friend requests.

Anybody reading this ever have an online creeper? I had one, though it wasn’t on Facebook. I had specifically stopped talking to this person because I realized he was the creeper type (amongst other things) and made it extremely obvious that we were never to have even a speck of contact again.

Then years later a message arrives in my inbox saying someone had written me on a certain obscure social network. It was the creeper.

It was jarring to see, as there was no way that he could have even found my profile on this particular site unless he’d done some serious creeping. A picture of a laptop keyboard in the dark.

The message? Totally bizarre. He did not use his own name but a pseudonym and talked ‘hypothetically’ about ‘could things be forgiven’ if a certain situation had happened. What situation? It sounded suspiciously similar to the situation involving him of course. HELL NO CREEPER!

I did what’s usually the best thing to do with creepers like that, just ignored him. He wrote another message a while later, an anonymous one this time, trying to strike up a conversation but I seen through it in an instant. I knew it was the creeper.

He eventually faded away but this song reminded me of that whole thing. Creepa!