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Sledding, Pizza, And A Cabin In Alaska (A Story In Pictures)

It was well into the afternoon by the time Jennifer and I finally made it out of town. We had stopped by a grocery store for some last minute supplies and got stuck in line behind some lady with a bad check that just would not walk away from her two item purchase.

I mean seriously crazy woman, how many times does the same check have to be run before it’s obvious that it’s not going to work? Anyways lol…

Where where we? Oh yeah, heading out of town the roads were pretty icy but not unmanageable. All the same I was happy not to have to drive.

Jennifer did all the driving so I was free to take some pictures. I’d never been out this way during the winter and it was cool to see a different side of this landscape.

Some waterfalls still ran with icy cold water, some were already frozen solid. Later on I saw a man and a woman with buckets under the waterfalls collecting the water and hauling it back to their truck.

The road skirts the mountains next to the constantly shifting waters of the Turnagain Arm.

Beautiful but deadly. A walk out there would probably be fatal, as the mud would suck you in and the tides come in pretty fast.

No mud at the sledding spot though, nothing but fluffy snow all around…perfect for sledding.

Everybody knew they had to get their game faces on…

…and get a running start because it was going to be quite a climb to the top…

See that top peak with the two sets of double black diamonds (er, double double diamonds)? Yeah that’s where our launching spot was.

Okay I may have exaggerated a little :D, but the hill was pretty high up.

The top of the hill had some pretty views of the mountains and water.

After getting to the top of the hill we “admired the view” i.e. caught our breath from such a steep climb. Then a couple of pictures in case we died on the way down lol…

Jennifer and I ;).

Fallon and Brenda, Fallon got a sudden attack of the giggles.

Jennifer was the first to try the hill, there seemed to be a lot of bumpy spots so we weren’t sure how it’d go.

I didn’t get any pics of this part because I switched over to video, will probably post the video later but here’s how it went:

Jennifer flew down the hill, hit a bump, wiped out, and then jumped back on to fly down the last part. Brenda shot like a bullet screaming the whole way and landed in a big patch of snow that splashed up like it was water lol.

And Fallon…

saw how much fun everybody was having and didn’t want to wait for the sled to come back up so she just used her snowpants as a sled.

I think we were out there for about an hour just giggling and alternately shooting down the hill or wiping out halfway.

The only problem with sledding in that kind of snow is that you get caked in ice after a while.

Any longer and we might have started to look like snowmen, it was time for pizza.

Deep blue mountains juxtapose against this little strip mall in the middle of nowhere. The souvenir shop is aptly named The Tourist Trap, during the summer there’s about oh I’d say a million or so RV’s parked outside of this place.

We picked up some freshly made pizza at the local pizza joint and drove it all back to the cabin…

The cabin is a nice little place run by a couple who lives next door.

I didn’t know much about it going in other than it had electricity and wi-fi that may or may not work. Not that the wi-fi was strictly necessary since my phone had full internet coverage in the area.

I mean seriously I expect that in a couple years to be able to hike out to the middle of the wilderness and check my email anywhere along the way.

It was a good looking cabin with beautiful windows.

The inside of the cabin was nice and cozy with a lot of amenities. Definitely more than I’m used to getting in a cabin by far and maybe just a touch too much for my taste, but it was perfect for this situation.

Strange thing about these snowshoes, they didn’t actually look to be a matching set. I was really wishing for some sort of book or something that explained the history of the cabin and some of the things there, but maybe there was and I missed it somehow.

It had a nice kitchen with ample places for us all to plug in our cell phones lol.

Brenda said that Vincent Doran is the guy that built the cabin way back when.

At the back of the cabin is a sturdy ladder that goes up to the sleeping area.

Fallon had limitless energy and could fly up the stairs and down again without barely any effort.

D’oh! I knocked my head into that beam in the middle of the night while sitting up to adjust the blankets.

The owners did well in utilizing the small space upstairs fitting two beds, a couple of end tables, and still ample space to walk around.

This giant window made the upstairs seem much bigger too.

Apparently this box contains a ladder that’s supposed to be used in case there’s a fire and you’re stuck in the loft area. However somebody would probably burn to death before they could squeeze in there and back out again with the box o’ ladder, just sayin.

Looking down on to the living room and Jennifer relaxing with a nice magazine and the fire crackling in the background.

“I’m a polar bear!” she exclaimed.

There was a guest book with lots of interesting entries by people from all over the world talking about their stay. I liked the pictures the best though, like this one of some sort of mutant dinosaur bird attacking the cabin.

“Mine’s better!” Ha.

Some people even left photos, like this baffling picture of a kangaroo standing in front of a Christmas tree. Australia? But that only explains some of it lol.

All in all an excellent trip. It was lots of fun, exciting and relaxing in just the right amounts, thanks to Brenda and Fallon for inviting us out there!

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