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The Story Behind The Freaky Mouth Of Sauron

In this clip from the extended edition of Return Of The King a really nasty character called The Mouth Of Sauron meets with Gandalf and a few others to try and convince them to surrender.

Once you see him this isn’t a character that you’ll soon forget and that’s for one big reason, his mouth is just… well you’ll see:

So there’s actually a story behind why The Mouth Of Sauron’s mouth is the way it is.

It’s not some terrible disease that he caught or some kind of weird injury that made his mouth like that, it was words.A picture of The Mouth Of Sauron smiling towards Aragorn and Gandalf.

He was a servant of Sauron for hundreds of years (so long that he’d even forgotten his own name) and seems to have mostly worked in a spokesperson and propaganda messenger type role.

The Mouth Of Sauron spoke so much evil during his service to Sauron that his mouth became horribly disfigured and nasty.

And that my friends is why you should always say nice things ;).