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There’s Got To Be A Story Behind This Old School Fro

This morning I stumbled on an old black and white picture that definitely caught my eye.

It’s a picture of a guy wearing a tux and a lively white afro …I know there’s a story behind this but I can’t imagine what it could be. Got any ideas??

A black and white picture of a guy in a tuxedo and a white afro.
via Sarah Hickox

I love how the look on his face is very nonchalant too, like ‘Hey no biggie I’m just a guy wearing a tux and a GIGANTIC white afro, nothing at all unusual about this. Maybe I’ll go have a coffee in a second.’.

When I saw that picture I immediately thought of Phil Spector and the surprise fro he wore to court one day:

I don’t think anybody ever figured out what his fro was all about either. Maybe the world isn’t ready to know.