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Trapped In The Spider’s Web Of “Sir” Patrick O’Shannahan

Long time readers of this blog may remember “Sir” Patrick O’Shannahan, the man who was on the show Hoarders pretending to be all sorts of things he wasn’t, including a POW and someone knighted by Prince Charles.

And really how could you forget the psychotic meltdown he had on the blog when his real history as a felon and rapist was revealed?

He ended up fleeing from Florida and set up shop in California under the alias Dr. Khristian Knight.

But he is right back to doing the same thing as before, using online profiles to lure women and girls to come to his “Camelot”.

This is the story of what happened to one young woman whom he lured to Camelot. It’s heartbreaking to read but hopefully it will do some good out there and prevent more girls from falling into his spider web: