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Happy Valentine’s Day, Don’t Forget To Check Your Coffee Cup

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

If you have a special someone in your life, congrats and I hope you two have a great time today :).

If you don’t have that special someone yet, you never know, there could be someone sweet on you but too shy to let you know directly…

A picture of a PostSecret postcard confession involving love and a Starbucks cup.

That was a postcard confession from PostSecret. So I’m thinking one of two things is happening here. Either the recipient of the coffee cup message hasn’t noticed yet and is in for a happy surprise (not to mention a really cool story to start out the relationship with).

Or they have noticed and were horrified, now sitting in those department meetings watching the clock and trying to avoid eye contact with the person who keeps bringing them coffee.

I’d like to think it’s the first one. They haven’t noticed yet but when they do will send a message back on the coffee cup asking the other person out on a date ;).