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Who Was Really Behind The David Bowie Crystal Ball Scenes In Labyrinth

No really, there was literally someone behind David Bowie during those crystal ball scenes in Labyrinth.A picture of David Bowie playing the Goblin King in Labyrinth, holding a crystal ball.

We all know that Bowie is a talented guy but one thing that he can’t do is the type of juggling that was required for those scenes, something called ‘contact juggling’.

To do the contact juggling the producers of the movie brought in Michael Moschen, who is a world famous juggler. He had the extremely uncomfortable job of manipulating David Bowie’s balls having to jam himself behind Bowie and pretend to be the arms of Bowie’s character, the Goblin King.

To make things worse he had to do it all blind. He had to stay out of the camera shot, which meant that even getting a small glimpse of the crystal balls was out of the question.

I saw some behind the scenes footage of these scenes being filmed and let’s just say that there were a lot of crystal balls crashing to the ground lol. There was a guy off to the side ready with a box of crystal balls to hand to Moschen.A picture of Michael Moschen standing behind David Bowie and contact juggling a crystal ball in the movie Labyrinth.

Michael Moschen looked totally miserable during these scenes, even to the point of looking pissed off at some points. I can’t say I blame him. David Bowie however was very calm and patient and even seemed to get a kick out of how bizarre the whole setup was.

Hats off to Michael Moschen who had to do a very difficult job and pulled it off nicely. In case you haven’t seen it or don’t remember here’s a clip of one of the crystal ball juggling scenes in Labyrinth. Just imagine that crammed behind David Bowie is a very grumpy Michael Moschen: