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A Place For Hearts (Hint Memoir)

A cartoon picture of a red house with a white heart in the middle of it.

They thought they had lost their loved ones forever.

But she created new worlds where they could be found, sometimes for the very first time.

And so concludes another successful Jennifer Hint Memoir Month :).

This last one is about something that Jennifer does in her spare time that makes a powerful impact on a lot of people’s lives, helping them through times of grief and often shining new light on their own histories.

Even though it’s something of a hobby for her it’s such a selfless one and comes from such a deep sense of caring for others that ‘hobby’ seems an inadequate word to describe it.

That just goes to show what an awesome and beautiful person she is though, even in her spare time she’s working to help people and make their lives better. I love you Honey, happy birthday!

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Skyrim Hoarders: A Man Clings To His Piles Of Dragon Bones, Daggers, And Poo

Who says that hoarders have to hoard only physical items? A picture of Glarthir, the main character in the Hoarders show parody Skyrim Hoarders.

In this parody of the A&E reality show Hoarders Glarthir, a player of the online role playing game Skyrim, has gone a little too far in his ‘collecting’.

The digital city of Whiterun is threatening to evict him if the doesn’t clear his house out of the daggers, shields, dragon bones, and other random items he’s picked up during the game.

And like many Hoarders episodes these days it includes a surprise pile of poo, though I guess in this case at least it’s only digital poo.

‘It’s good for potions’, lmao spoken like a true hoarder.