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The Story Of Prince Five Weapons And The Monster Called Sticky Hair

There once lived a prince and when he was very young he was sent off to study under a great warrior. His parents hoped that through this training he too would become great.A picture representing Prince Five Weapons with a bow and arrow, previous incarnation of Buddha.

He studied and worked very hard for many years and when he had learned everything he could from the great warrior it was time for him to go out into the world.

Because he had been such a gifted student before he left his teacher presented him with five powerful weapons and so the prince forever after became known as Prince Five Weapons.

On the road home Prince Five Weapons came to the edge of a forbidding forest. The people who lived near the forest begged him: ‘Beloved prince, do not go in the forest for in there lives a monster called Sticky Hair and he kills all who come across him.’

But Prince Five Weapons was brave and fearless, confident not only in his skill as a warrior but in the five powerful weapons his teacher had given him.

So into the forest he went and as you can imagine he ran right into the monster Sticky Hair.A painting of a scary forest with strong blue overtones.

Sticky Hair was not only gigantic but very nasty looking, with huge fangs and yellowed eyes peering out from his long tangled hair. ‘You have dared come into my forest and now your days are at an end’ he said ‘Today I will have you as my dinner!’

‘I am not afraid!’ cried Prince Five Weapons and with that he took out the first of the weapons that his teacher had given him, a powerful bow and arrow.

With expert skill he launched the arrow at Sticky Hair but the arrow did not hit it’s target instead simply sticking right to the hair of the monster.

He drew his next weapon, a fiersome sword, and struck Sticky Hair with its blade. Instead of cutting the monster down the sword simply got stuck like it was suddenly glued to the hair of Sticky Hair.

One by one the prince’s weapons met this same fate, neither the quality of the weapons nor his extreme skill seemed to be able to harm the monster. But Prince Five Weapons was not afraid.

A picture representing the demon monster Sticky Hair from Buddhist legend.As Sticky Hair started to laugh a horrible victory laugh and the prince rushed towards him ready to fight with the only weapons that he had left, his fists and his feet. Can you imagine what happened next? Yes, his fists and feet got stuck to Sticky Hair.

All that he had left now for a weapon was his head and this he used to strike at the monster but this too became stuck. Now he was stuck to the monster in five places and could move no more, but still he was not even a bit afraid.

Now Sticky Hair started to feel something he had never felt before: fear. In all his life of attacking people in the forest he had never encountered someone as calm and brave as Prince Five Weapons. In fact he was now starting to feel a little afraid to eat him.

‘Why are you not afraid of death?’ asked Sticky Hair nervously.

And the prince said, ‘Why should I be afraid? All who are born will surely die and that is that!’

This was a kind of thing that Sticky Hair had never heard before and he hesitated to act as fear started to grip him. The prince saw his opportunity and quickly put a plan into action.

‘There is one more weapon that I have that you do not know about’ he said ‘Inside my belly is a powerful weapon, a weapon with the light of a thousand diamonds that you cannot digest and will tear you apart if you eat me. There is no need for me to be afraid for if I die you will die as well.’A picture showing the forehead of the Buddha as a prince and representing his enlightenment of mind.

By this time Sticky Hair had such and impression of Prince Five Weapons’ character that he believed every word about the hidden weapon. And being afraid of death he released the prince and set him on the ground in front of him.

And so Prince Five Weapons defeated Sticky Hair by using a weapon more powerful than any that could be made by man yet one that all possess: the mind.

This is an old Buddhist story and tradition says that Prince Five Weapons did not kill Sticky Hair that day but taught him the ways of peace and enlightenment.

He transformed Sticky Hair into the guardian of that forest and after telling all the people of that land that the forest paths were now safe, he continued on his journey home, destined to be a great king and wise ruler of the kingdom.