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Watch This Boy’s Face As He Finds Out Darth Vader Is Luke’s Father

Picture of the head of Darth Vader, father of Luke Skywalker.Yes that was quite the plot twist wasn’t it?

I always thought it was funny (and telling) that Luke’s reaction was relatively ‘meh’ when his hand got chopped off but he totally lost his shit after finding out Darth Vader was his father.

Not that I blame him though, what a crushing disillusionment to have your father go from exalted Jedi hero to wheezy Imperial bad guy in a matter of seconds, all while hanging over a thousand foot drop to nowhere.

Obi-Wan was all ‘Uuuse the force’ and ‘Gooo to Dagobah’ but he couldn’t work in a little ‘Your faather is Vader’ or something? Just sayin.

I’m guessing most of us shared in Luke’s anguish and shock when first finding out the unhappy news, though for me I was pretty young at the time and can’t remember that moment exactly. If only someone had been recording my reaction like the guy who made the following video did with his son and daughter :P. Check out all the different reactions in the boy’s face after he hears the line ‘No, I am your father’

Do you remember what your reaction was and can you relate to what this boy was feeling after hearing about Darth Vader being Luke’s father?