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This Little Guy Tried To Find Bliss But It All Went Wrong

A sceenshot from the music video for Kenna Hell Bent where the grey guy is riding the bus and feeling sad.This video for the song Hell Bent by Kenna tells a really interesting story:

A little grey guy has a major problem, he exists in a grey world and lives a very grey life working for a grey corporate overlord and it’s crushing his spirit.

Color is rarely to be found anywhere, he only sees it in the stale yellow of a product popular in his world called “Happy Product” and sometimes a kaleidoscopic kind of color in a recurring dream that he has.

The dream is of some people playing on a merry go round who are laughing and having a purely great time. He feels happy and alive while having this dream but when he wakes up it just makes him feel even worse about his drab, monotonous life.

At his job working on the Happy Products assembly line he does the same thing day after day while his boss rains down angry words from above. He’s at his breaking point and can’t take it anymore so he devises a plan to bring his dream to life once and for all, but it goes horribly wrong…

I thought this video was really good and it’s probably one of my favorite music videos of all time. I loved that through a story about this imaginary guy (er, alien…creature…being) and imaginary world it tells a lot of truths about our own world.

You can see that this guy meant well and was only acting out of a desire that everybody has: the desire to experience happiness.

What lead him astray is how he tried to bring that happiness about, he basically replicated the fake happiness system that made him unhappy in the first place instead of simply going out and doing the thing that he dreamed about.

A really important insight and message for this day and age of ever increasing opportunities to get fake happiness. At least that’s the way I see it, what do you think?