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    Love the stories I've read so far,can't wait for another one!
    -Melissa N




    hey anita this story was mind blowing and scary .I n my friends freaked out after reading this story ,awesome job man !!!!!!!


    i wanted to thank you for all of your amazing stories.
    -Paniz S


    i couldn't choose one so i chose all they were all gr8
    -Karina C


    I love it honey....stuff like that makes me tear up every time...it just goes to show the bond of siblings no matter how much they agree and disagree.
    -Tonja H


    This is much more believable then that stupid rugrats theory thanks for putting the truth out there :-D
    -Ivy S


    Haaiiii (: i just started reading your blog, you are amazing :o!^___^ lol
    -Angie M


    that was soo scary ^ ^ those red eyes gave me the creeps lol


    I like more stories as it's near Halloween. I find them quite interesting while I'm in bed for the night. Keep up the good work
    -Tracey C


    That was an awesome story personaily i love slender man so this story just made my day
    -Evie M


    i read all of ur stories lol i just love scary stories ^ ^


    I enjoyed the article about Hello kitty's history. I learned many things throughout this article and had a few laughs as well.
    -Charity M


    I love this story, I love to read your storys before I go to sleep its very exciting and it just makes me wanna read more and more ... Anita, I love your stories just keep them coming. :)


    This is a beautiful and heartwarming story. Thanks!


    Loved both stories the scary one nd the boy with the coins nd mean waitress :) cant wait for more stories :D


    i liked it! can you send me all your new storys plz


    -Doralina P


    Hope you post more scary stories. :D, Loved this! Now we all just need a campfire and some smores :D


    it helps me to just come here and look up stories. it also helps me past the time by when im not tending to childern. i loved the story of bloody mary. its my favorite thing to read about. so thank you for puting up this notebook.
    -Desiray M


    I like this better than the more "traditional" Cinderella stories, frankly.


    Hi Anita, So this isn't a question, but I recently saw your posts about the Hey Arnold! truth and then, about the Rugrats truth. I just wanted to say thank you writing these posts. I have been wondering the real stories for a long time, hoping that the "truths" I kept reading about were untrue. And now I know they are. You saved my childhood=o) Also, I love stories too=o)


    The stories you've posted so far have really fueled my interest in legends
    -Joyce S


    Lovely. Last night I read it, as if I'm a child. The more I read the more I was delighted. I wanted that this be real :). Thank you, I love this.
    -Lizbeth W


    Oh my god , this is so weird i been looking for answers like this for many years thank you! : )


    More STORIES PLEASE ! I love them !!!
    -Brianna C


    I have been reading your stories for a long time and you have inspired me to look further in to things than just the obvious. you have made my life so interesting, THANK YOU. (:


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*Faces In The Mirror: The True Story Behind Bloody Mary*

A picture of the real Bloody Mary behind the urban legend.While holding a lit candle go into a room that has a mirror and gets pitch dark, then turn out the lights. Spin around three times in front of the mirror while slowly chanting ‘Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary.’

Then… look in the mirror and you will see the pale face and glowing eyes of Bloody Mary staring back at you.

Back when I was a kid that’s what two friends dared me to do when we were bored one summer afternoon. It was too hot to go out and do something and we had resorted to a truth or dare kind of game to pass the time. I’d never heard of the Bloody Mary game before and was intrigued but a little creeped out, would Bloody Mary really appear in the mirror if I did all that stuff?

‘Okay, I’ll do it.’ I said after giving it a little bit of thought.

So I took a candle and headed towards the only room in that house that could get pitch black, the bathroom. To my surprise one of the two girls that had dared me to play the Bloody Mary game was now saying ‘Nooo don’t’ and trying to stop me from going. The other girl just kind of hung back and was quiet, she too was scared but didn’t want to say anything.A candle in the dark when playing the Bloody Mary Game.

Ah, they didn’t think I would actually do it when they dared me. Or maybe it just didn’t hit them what could actually happen until I had accepted the dare. Well one thing was for sure, I couldn’t back out now.

I went into the bathroom and closed the door behind me, making sure not to accidentally put out the candle as I set it on the sink. I could hear the girls loudly scampering back to the bedroom and then it was dead quiet. LOL, they really were scared. But maybe they had good reason to be.


I did as instructed and turned around three times while chanting the words Bloody Mary. After the third turn I cautiously looked at the mirror, would there be some spin-induced optical illusion that would catch my eye and scare the crap out of me? Or the face of Bloody Mary? Or worse, the face of Bloody Mary hovering right behind me and looking over my shoulder.

And… there was nothing. Just the flickering of the candle showing everything that was supposed to be in the bathroom and not a single thing (or person) more.

My friends weren’t disappointed as much as relieved that nothing had happened and quickly moved on to other subjects to occupy our afternoon, they never brought up anything like Bloody Mary again.

A depiction of the ghost Bloody Mary in the mirror.The fact remains though that some people do say they see strange things and even Bloody Mary herself when they play the game.

There are many different rituals on how to conjure her in the mirror, often including doing things like whispering I stole your baby Bloody Mary’ three times or for the truly brave out there, firmly locking the door before starting the chant.

But who is Bloody Mary anyway and did she ever really exist? And what is the story behind the freaky chant about the baby?

I looked it up and there are various theories as to who the woman behind the Bloody Mary legend is, but many believe her to be a woman named Mary Tudor.

Mary Tudor is confirmed to have actually existed and I’m not surprised that she’s believed to be the origin of the Bloody Mary legend as her life was often soaked in blood…


A picture of King Henry the Eight father of Bloody Mary.Mary Tudor was the daughter of the notorious King Henry the VIII who is famous for putting his wives to death whenever he grew tired of them. Mary was the daughter of his first wife and so ended up seeing an awful lot of carnage over the years as King Henry VIII put to death not only his wives but a great many of the people around him.

To make things worse, for years she was disowned by her father and made to do things like serve in the household of her younger half-sister as a reminder of her new status as an illegitimate child. She grew up in the looming shadow of her unpredictable father, he was the most powerful man in England and could make her life miserable or put it in danger at any moment.

When Mary Tudor became Queen of England at the age of 37 she finally had a chance to do things her way, but unfortunately her way turned out to be things like burning people at the stake because they refused to follow the same religion as hers. Soon large portions of the population started to detest her and her unyielding ways, leading to riots and rebellions around the country and eventually a new name for her: Bloody Mary.

And then there was the problem of the baby. Or… what was supposed to be a baby anyways.


It was really important that Mary have a child so that she could have an heir to the throne and there was a lot of pressure on her to get pregnant. So you can imagine how overjoyed she was when she suddenly stopped having her periods, gained weight, and got sick in the mornings like most women who are pregnant. As time went on her belly grew and nine months later the entire country prepared for the new heir to the throne to be born. A picture of Bloody Mary around the time of ghost pregnancy.

Except nothing happened.

Day after day went by and Mary did not have a baby, yet she still had all the signs of being pregnant. Rumors flew around England, first that she had actually delivered a son, and then later that she wasn’t actually pregnant at all.

Eventually after several months of this crazy situation Mary’s stomach shrank and her symptoms disappeared, it turned out that her baby was nothing but a ghost. She was devastated and humiliated, later she had another false pregnancy and died not too long afterwards.

After her death people started to add to the story of her life and these stories contributed to what became the legend of Bloody Mary. The stories (often told by those who despised her) included outrageous and frightening things like how she bathed in the blood of young girls to try and stay young.

Some stories portrayed her as a vain woman who was always obsessed with her reflection in the mirror and that her soul gets trapped in mirrors, meaning she’s always looking for a way to get out.


So… wow right? That’s a pretty intense life story that she had, tragic and scary because it really happened.

Personally, if I thought that the ghost of Bloody Mary was lingering inside a mirror I wouldn’t taunt her by saying ‘I stole your baby Bloody Mary’, but that’s just me. Maybe you’re braver than I am, but if you do play the Bloody Mary game and see a new face appear in the mirror then at least now you’ll know whose eyes are looking back at you. And…run.


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  1. StumbleBum says:

    Man, those medieval Brits were nuts!!

    I’m with you, Anita… I don’t think I’d taunt *anybody* about stealing their baby. It’s just too cruel, no matter who the target.

    • Anita says:

      Hi Stumblebum!

      Yeah I agree they were crazy, definitely one of those situations where ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ can be applied over and over and over lol. When reading up on Mary Tudor’s reign I wondered why people even thought it necessary to make up stories to add to the Bloody Mary legend since the truth was horrifying enough as it was.

      • Diamone says:

        I no right

      • Alexis says:

        Is this real

        • Hi Alexis,

          Yeah it’s real, Mary Tudor was a real person and had a pretty crazy life.

          • Laser Corn says:

            HI Anita,
            I agree and it is real many stories have pointed the facts.After she died people actually thought she was in a coma but back then people didnt know what a coma was. Thinking she was dead they barried her. People could have sworn they heard her screams from her grave. One night a man dug up her grave seeing she had attemptively scratch her way out of the coffin. Later on, her grave soon surfaced in the ’50s. Out of curiosity the grave was opened and she was seen full flesh and glowing eyes, know its believed that she was possesed and attempted to eat her way out of the coffin.

            • Hi Laser Corn,

              That’s not the Bloody Mary Tudor story I was talking about but it’s a good one. I’d say that’s the most well known one out there, probably because it’s so chilling to think about dying that way 0_0.

            • Billy says:

              it would have been hard for them to dig up her grave she’s entombed in Westminster Abbey in Englandalong with the rest of the rest of her family

            • sierra says:

              I agree with you,I wouldn’t taunt her by saying ‘I stole your baby Bloody Mary’,that would be mean to her,no wonder she supposedly comes to the mirror.

            • Dancer107 says:

              Wow me and my friend were looking up things about Bloody Mary because I was considering doing it but now I’m not taking the chance even if it doesn’t happen to SOME ppl

          • papu says:

            i thought she was fake!!!
            no offence but i didn’t get the actual story of bloody
            mary.and why was she even named BLOODY MARY??!!!!

            • Hi Papu,

              Queen Mary Tudor first got the name Bloody Mary because she was known for having people who disagreed with her put to death. A lot of them were people who disagreed with her religious beliefs, but also some other things as well.

              Anyway eventually the stories about her started to include crazy stuff like her bathing in the blood of young girls to try and stay young, so the “Bloody Mary” became an even more popular name for people to call her.

              Queen Mary Tudor also had ghost pregnancies, which is where your body thinks it’s pregnant when it’s not, to the point that the belly will grow out and everything. This is where the part of the Bloody Mary game comes from where you say “I have you baby Bloody Mary”, it’s a way to taunt her into appearing in the mirror.

            • Kamini says:

              Is this story is real??? How can i believe this ?? Can u prove me this thing

            • Hi Kamini,

              Yeah this story is real. Look up the history of Queen Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry VIII.

            • jess says:

              It’s not that they disagreed with her religion…her father king Henry VIII wanted to get divorced from one of his many wives but the Catholic religion didn’t/doesn’t believe in divorce so he changed everyone’s religion to protestant… Mary Tudor wanted the people to goo back to being Catholic and the ones who didn’t want to go back because they just changed religion she killed… meaning they were Catholic turned protestant and disagreed with changing their religion back and forth…

          • Yo it’s me Twilight striking again,
            Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, I HATE YOU! It’s only my opinion but I think she’s a loser. Wow she is pretty bloody. I think I know why she’s in the mirror (if she is)
            She couldn’t stand looking at her farther Henry so she decided to look at him through mirrors. When he died she couldn’t stop looking in the mirrors. She would spend hours looking into her reflection. She went mad after a few months and got fat because she didn’t move she just sat there and got sick (The sickness of ‘prengnancy’)
            That would explain the ghost baby and how everyone thought she was prengnant. She stopped gazing into the mirror and started showing her baby to the town so she lost weight and got fresh air so she stopped getting sick and she lost weight.
            Anyway do you believe in BLOODY MARY?

        • Miazja says:

          yes this is real

    • candi rodriguez says:

      i would if they where a jerk and stealing other peoples babies! do u think im crazy if u do SAY SO

    • Amber says:

      What if men were able to get pregnant,
      and it was Hitler’s,
      and he was going to kill it with the rest of the jews…
      I would steal it, and love it…
      And when Hitler died i’d taunt him…
      For what he did…

      Hey… It could or could’ve happened


    • I would and wouldn’t taunt someone about stealing there baby!!! 2 reasons y 1 that’s just plain cruel 2 that’s just a little scary!!! That’s y I wouldn’t do it!! I would do it bc I would want to see what she would do or say!!!

    • Same!!!! It doesn’t matter who u shouldn’t taunt anyone about stealing there baby that’s just plain cruel!!!!

  2. Shivam says:

    Hi Anita.. i Have read This Artilce And i Liked it a Lot .. The story is Amazing.. my friend ssaid me about that.. And he scred me.. and i have SAID – BLODDY MARRY ..looking at mirror.. But ccidenlt the mirror Fall Down And it BROKED,.. ..

  3. Jodi says:

    Well thank you for your story about Bloody Mary. I played this game also as a child, my friend and I went together into the bathroom WITHOUT a candle ( we didn’t know the rules that well) and said the words and 5 seconds later, ran out screaming because we had seen something in the mirror. Found out later , it was my friends brother, with Pond’s cold cream on his face hiding behind the shower curtain. What a dick! But since then, I have heard, that if you play games which invite ghosts and spirits into your life like that ( including Using a ouije board (sp?) then you have opened up a door to the spirit world that can let anyone in. Whatever. But thank you for your story and your wonderful website- keep up the great work!

    • Anita says:

      Thanks Jodi! Whoa going into the bathroom to play Bloody Mary without a candle, that seems extra scary even for the Bloody Mary game. No wonder your friend’s brother was able to scare you guys, I think anybody would have been scared.

      Though to me anybody (or anything) appearing unexpectedly behind a shower curtain is more than enough reason to run screaming out of the bathroom lol.

      Yes there are many people who believe that trying to talk to ghosts is like opening a door for dead spirits to come into the room and maybe even follow you around from place to place. I don’t believe it myself but the stories are fun to tell late at night around a campfire :).

      • Bloody mary says:

        You read my tales now shall be gone

        • jazmine says:

          shut up!!! never mind keep talking >.<

          • kayhryn says:

            Hey im 13 now and just last year and me and a friend did BLOODY MARY one night cause we were bored and we were in my room cause its really dark and i have a mirror on my door so every time im sleeping i see my bed and my window and my friend kelcie said bloody mary in the mirror and spun three times , and right after that i saw her standing in behind the both of us and then she had a scratch on her neck and i had a car accident a few months ago but still recovering gettin better now :) but ever since then ( ohh by the way it happened at my dads house hahaha sorry forgot to tell you) we hear noises and sounds like hooves OMG it is so scary eeeeeeeekkkkk i have goose bumps right now lol and we hear banging noises in my room and now im scared to close my door when i sleep ughhhhh terrifying as it is its true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Hi Kayhryn,

              Thanks for telling your Bloody Mary story. The hearing noises of hooves thing is pretty scary and ominous, not as scary as seeing Bloody Mary though I’m sure. This is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say that they heard hoof noises after seeing Bloody Mary. If it were me I’d keep that door open as much as possible lol.

            • lola says:

              one time me and my cousin went camping in my back yard and before we went outside we played bloody mary and nothing happened so we went outside and we heard scratching on our tent so we checked out side and no one was there so we went back in side and then we heard the little urban legend song for her we got so scared but eventually we found out it was my sister and her friends

            • Hi Lola,

              Ah yeah that kind of thing seems to happen a lot, though it usually is a brother or sister hiding behind a shower curtain and jumping out to scare everyone at the last minute. Hearing scratching on a tent at night would be scary no matter what the situation, but especially after playing a spooky game like Bloody Mary 0_0. On the bright side, I’d rather it be a prank that have a scary ghost like Bloody Mary haunting me…

            • Michelle says:

              omg omg omg!! so you saw bloody mary!?! wow….i need to tell this to my friends as soon as i go to school!! OwO

            • Dani says:

              WOW!!!You really saw her.Ive always been scared to do it.Now i don’t think I ever will!

        • juno says:

          ya right

        • juno says:

          shut up ur not bloody mary

      • Smita says:

        Hey Anita.
        Even I dont believe in ghost, but surely I cant dare ever to try anything like this.I have heard stories from many, that ghost do exist and they follow you, if you try to make communication with them. My elder sister was living in hostel at time of her higher studies, and one day they did planchit just for fun, but nothing appeared. But after all this rubbish, the girl who leaded this event was feeling like some girl is always walking behind her and whispering some chant. they called some sadhu baba to get ride of this issue.It was really scary to here all this stuff.
        Even when I was a 5 yrs old kid, I have seen someone in my balcony, he was having white eyes and lamp in his hand. I was scared and didi not even moved that time. I still dnt believe on wat I say but it was really scary.
        According to hindu astrology,each person has a Gana according to his or her horoscope . There are 3 Ganas:
        1) Dev Gana ( Devine )
        2) Manushya Gana ( Human )
        3) Rakshas Gana ( Demonic )
        It is said that people belongs to dev gana will never get in touch of any kind of supernatural thing and people of rakshas and manushya gana can see them.The worst is manushya gana, as ghost can even get control on his body.
        I am not sure about any of these things but these are all saying.

        • Hi Smita,

          Hey thanks for sharing those ghost stories, they were quite spooky. I can’t imagine what it would be like to walk around and hear a girl whispering all the time, even if it wasn’t a real ghost just to *think* you hear someone whispering is scary enough. I also wonder who the man with the white eyes was.

    • jelly says:

      lol your brothers friend is a dick!!!! lmao but at least it wasent really her i would of shit my pants if i were you!!! but anyways have you ever herd the story of the “Blue Baby”??? i would really like to read one of your storys on it
      by the way i love this bloody mary stort it really gave me the shivers to read the next live of it!!!

      • Bella says:

        Ya i heard of the baby blue thing. My friend told me that someone did it in our town and they ether died or they got hit by a car and died something like that…I honestly dont believe in the bloody mary game but i believe in her i really dont know too much of the baby blue thing all i know is that someone died from it

      • Hi Jelly,

        Oops don’t know how I missed this comment before, great to hear that you liked the Bloody Mary story though. Also I haven’t heard of the story of the Blue Baby thanks for letting me know! From the title it sounds pretty spooky, I’ll look into it and see if I can do a story on it.

  4. horse lover says:

    i’m a little freaked out right now, but i feel kinda bad for mary with her dad and baby and stuff.i’ve tried to do the bloody mary thing once but before i could get the last word out, i got soooo scared and ran out screaming.

    • Anita says:

      Hi Horse Lover,

      I do feel bad for Bloody Mary too, that must have been a crazy and horrible environment to grow up in and then try to survive in as an adult. Sad that she chose to be cruel queen instead of a nice one though, or maybe her childhood just drove her insane and she couldn’t help it.

      About running out of the bathroom during the Bloody Mary game…I think a lot of people do that so don’t worry you’re not the only one lol.

    • juno says:

      dont be scared nothing happend to me

  5. Foodie says:

    Great Stuff…awesome views on Gordo! Let me know if you ever want to collaborate.

    • Anita says:

      Thanks Foodie I appreciate that!

      • Yash says:

        I like ‘HORROR STORIES’ but this is BRILLANT!!!!

        • Hi Yash, Glad you liked the Bloody Mary story :).

          • morgan richardson says:

            the storie was pretty good but how do you know all that stuff about bloody mary?

            • Hi Morgan,

              Happy to hear that you thought the story about Bloody Mary was good. As far as how I found out about it all, some of it I knew already but most of it came from doing research into the origins of the Bloody Mary urban legend.

              The life of Queen Mary Tudor and especially that of her father Henry VIII is pretty well documented and it was easy to find info about it.

            • Nia Jones says:

              i thout that all this silly stuff was real.now i know that it si a myth, that if you do see someone in the mirrow run. i am am writing an esay on her to so wish me go luck.