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    I have been reading your stories for a long time and you have inspired me to look further in to things than just the obvious. you have made my life so interesting, THANK YOU. (:


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*The Worst Kitchen In Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares*

A picture of Gordon Ramsay on the Kitchen Nightmares tv show.So I’ve been on a major Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares kick this last week. I was feeling kind of down and for some reason just sitting back and watching one episode after another of the show cheered me up a bit.

In case you haven’t seen it the premise of the show is that Gordon Ramsay (world renowned chef and owner of many successful restaurants) visits a failing restaurant during each episode.

He then spends a week using his expert knowledge, makeover crew, and a shitload of bloody fucking cuss words to try and turn things around for the restaurant before things get so bad that they have to shut the doors for good.

Every episode follows the same basic storyline and sets up Gordon Ramsay as the knight in shining armor who must do battle with one or two fire breathing restaurant owners in order to rescue the business.

But even though the overall story is usually the same it’s the details that are interesting and gawk-worthy.

Sometimes you’ll get a set of twin brother co-owners who are giant Campbell Soup kids from the Twilight Zone, fumbling around the kitchen slopping together drippy meatball sandwiches and doling out bacteria laden chicken tenders.

Picture of Kitchen Nightmares Capri restaurant episode where a twin brother is making an Italian meatball sandwich.Sometimes it will be a small yet loud woman who responds to customer complaints by screeching “That’s bullshit! Everything’s a good everything’s a good!” at them in an Italian accent.

And sometimes it’s a restaurant owner who ran the restaurant for years with his father, but when his father died lost the will to go on and so slogs through each day swigging beer and throwing together crappy meals for his customers.

But as interesting as these episodes can be there’s an element in many of the Kitchen Nightmares stories that I find shocking, and that’s the absolutely filthy and critter infested kitchens lurking in the back of the restaurants. These are often the source of Gordon Ramsay’s most emotional cuss word tirades.

Gordon Ramsay yelling at a chef cook while standing next to the restaurant owner on the Oceana episode of Kitchen Nightmares USA.
“Aw bloody fucking hell this is just ghastly!

When the fuckedy fuck was this fucking chicken fucking made? And it’s fucking filthy!

Is this the chicken you fucking served me for lunch today you tosspot? Aww fuck! You bloody fucking idiot!”

During my Kitchen Nightmares (winner of the Most Appropriate Title For A TV Series award) marathon I witnessed the most horrifying kitchens… we’re talking rat scurrying, roach infested, grimy layered, slime coated, bacteria factories… not so much suitable for feeding you dinner as feeding your nightmares.

But surprisingly out of all those episodes with the dramatically terrible kitchens the one that got to me the most wasn’t so dramatic, but it gives me the shivers every time I think about it.

This kitchen didn’t include an army of rats or rat traps everywhere nor would you think that there was something wrong if you just glanced into it, in fact you might even think it looked pretty clean in there. However, every cup and plate in that kitchen was touched by many tiny feet before any food was placed on it…

Blech. First off if I was Gordon Ramsay I wouldn’t be setting my jacket down anywhere near that kitchen for fear of creepy crawly stowaways getting in. Second off, if roaches swarming over dinner plates is the kind of thing happening when camera crews are around just imagine what happens when nobody from the outside is paying attention.

What made this particular kitchen top my list of worst kitchen in Kitchen Nightmares is that even though there were other horrifyingly bad ones you could at least imagine that some of the food had escaped contamination by critters or bugs or bacteria.

Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares standing in front of piles of dirty dishes holding a set of chopsticks in his hand and looking afraid to eat his meal.But in this restaurant all the plates were covered in scurrying roaches so no person who ate or drank there escaped the nastiness. And really that mental image of roaches scurrying over the plates, brrr I won’t be forgetting that one any time soon.

So be warned, one thing I learned from my Kitchen Nightmares marathon is that while the show is quite awesome and has tons of really memorable characters and stories, some episodes will stick with you for the wrong reasons. No matter how hard you try you won’t be able to shake all those plates of scurrying roach feet from your memory. Bloody fucking hell.


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  1. StumbleBum says:


    Perhaps I’m slightly glad that we almost never get out to restaurants anymore. Sick!

    • Anita says:

      Hi Stumblebum!

      Lol yes Gah is right. We had our own little Kitchen Nightmare a couple of years ago involving a local Chinese restaurant that we liked to go to.

      One day we drove by and noticed that it was closed on a day that it was usually open. Weird, but hey maybe they were understaffed or something right?

      Later that week Jennnifer sees the restaurant featured in an article in the newspaper…for some disturbing health code violations. Gah.

      We learned our lesson and since we don’t eat out all that often it’s easy enough to go to the gov website that shows the results of restaurant inspections for our city and do a quick check before we try a new restaurant.

  2. TheIkarians says:

    I have the stressing feeling by the instant I´m watching this show, I mean It´s like I´m inside of that kitchen and I´m being yelled just because I´m a viewer! It´s crazy and silly I know, but I saw a past season, real long time ago,…. about the roaches? Well I guess that once you see how Chinese, Italian, or other prepare their food, You wont be eating. It´s just like those Videos in the Internet about Employees in McDonald and Burger King doing nasty things to food. I say omg! I wouldnt be eating burgers ever again! But Memory tends to fail! And to generalize this matter to every restaurant in the world is both drastic and tragic, bcoz not every kitchen is like Hell´s kitchen. lol

    • TheIkarians says:

      Thanks God For that! Btw!

      • Anita says:

        Hi Nairim :),

        Watching Kitchen Nightmares does make me feel a bit paranoid about eating out, but you’re right that most restaurants out there are nowhere near as bad as the ones on the show even during their worst times.

        By the time a restaurant ends up on Kitchen Nightmares they are often a few months or sometimes even weeks away from closing down for good, so the cleanliness of the restaurant isn’t a priority for the owners anymore (if it ever was in the first place).

        I think it’s interesting that during these final months when it’s do or die for the business that the restaurant owners often choose to just stand around or wander the dining room aimlessly. If it were me I’d be going to everyone in town to try and get them into my restaurant! Easier said than done of course, but I’d rather go down fighting than lose my home or life savings or retirement fund while standing around an empty restaurant. But then again I’d never allow roaches to roam over the plates either lol.

  3. Erin Conway Izzo says:

    Greetings Anita,
    Stumbled upon you quite by accident. I too found myself caught up in a Gordon Ramsay Marathon recently. Never actually knew the show existed. But having spent over 25 years on and off in the Service Industry, upon viewing the first dirty kitchen and clueless owner, I was hooked. As I’m in the midst of chemo and have to lay around like a big dog most of the time, I’ve been ashamedly immersed in the show. Reviews, follow-ups; anything related. That’s how I found you. I’ve been attempting to find the answer to what I believe to be a pretty obvious question:
    … Having become a bit over the top, ( isn’t it odd how a couple of hours of Gordon Ramsay using the F-word every possible way it can be used and them some, can cheer a girl up in a fuzzy, nice way ? ) the topic of WHY don’t they clean … ?, has become a burning question in my present existence. Even if intended for skin-crawling entertainment, and maybe an agreement of contract for ultimate “reality”, if the eventual purpose is to save their restaurant, why would they ever reveal the underbelly of it’s existence? I was wondering if you too found this to be a nagging question rendering you enable to concentrate on the burrito in front of you. Hoping that you have revealed the answer that inquiring minds who want to know.
    If so, please reveal it to me. The neato thing about suddenly having to contemplate the length of one’s own mortality, is that not only are you given time for random acknowledgments and tasks, but the anticipation of finally getting the answers we’ve all been waiting for. Like who shot Kennedy, where is Hoffa, and did my sister Shanny hide my Skipper doll’s red shoe that time, just to be mean.
    I don’t want to wait until then to solve this dirty kitchen/TV show conundrum. And I’m wasting a lot of time on-line searching for the truth.
    Aside from that, the weather’s nice. Tomatoes are coming up all at once; can’t eat’em or give them away fast enough. Hope all is well with you and your’s.

    Take care,
    And like I tell my girls, ‘Be careful out there amongst the English.’ !
    With Regard,
    Erin Conway Izzo

    • Hi Erin,

      Thanks for the comment, and heck yeah Kitchen Nightmares marathons are the best. You’re not alone in wondering about the restaurant owners, it’s pretty exasperating how clueless they can be. It’s not like it’s a surprise that a ton of people with cameras and Gordon f’ing Ramsay will show up to poke around the restaurant for flaws.

      I think the root of the problem is that many of the restaurant owners live in an alternate reality, one where they are doing everything right but their success is being sabotaged by things like bad employees, customers with poor taste, or even mysterious unknown forces. It’s easy for the restaurant owners to stay in this world because they’re the boss and their employees find it difficult or impossible to talk reality to them. So when we see a shudder-inducing bacteria breeding ground and plastic bins of unidentifiable glop, the restaurant owners see a fridge that’s perfectly fine.

      Enter Gordon Ramsay to pop the bubble they’ve been living in and they are shocked, just shocked lol.

      If you run out of Kitchen Nightmares episodes and want to watch another show along the same lines The Hotel Inspector is a good one.


  4. Erin Conway Izzo says:

    Regarding previous Posting;

    Somehow the most important part was lost/erased/obliterated in transmission.

    And that is, my burning question;

    Does anyone else out there wonder this?

    Ah Yah. Best to all, and thank you Anita for this opportunity for Forum.