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The Asylum Bus: A Scary Story Of Mistaken Identity

This story is scary for reasons different than your average scary story, there’s no ghost here, only real life horror…
Scary picture of a bus delivering mental hospital patients.


A bus driver worked on occasion for a mental hospital in a nearby big city. He liked his job ok but the problem was he was a bit of an alcoholic.

He hadn’t lost his job yet but things were steadily getting worse, so when he got a call to do an emergency transport of a few mental patients one Saturday night he knew he had to accept or be fired.

Reluctantly he picked up the patients and began the long drive from one hospital to another. He passed a bar but forced himself to keep going, telling himself he could get a drink once the job was finished.

But then he saw a second and a third bar, the flickering neon lights in the shapes of beer bottles calling to him. At the sight of a fourth bar coming up he just couldn’t resist any longer and swerved into the parking lot.

“Stay put! I’ll be right back!” he yelled to the mental patients and ran into the bar. He figured a couple beers for the road wouldn’t hurt anybody.

A short time later he came out of the bar with a cold, crisp beer in each hand and a big smile on his face. But when he got back into the bus he stopped dead in his tracks, there was no one there.


Frantically the bus driver ran around the parking lot and the woods next to it shouting for the patients. But it was no use, they’d all vanished.

He got into the driver’s seat and drove off. What was he going to do? He’d be fired for sure, and far worse than that he’d surely get thrown in jail for losing the patients.

Scary picture of people being tricked onto a mental hospital bus.As he passed the city limits sign he was in full blown panic mode when an idea hit him. He took a right turn and drove around until he saw some people waiting at a bus stop, then he pulled over and …opened the door.

The people at the bus stop looked at each other in confusion. “What happened to our bus?” one of them said suspiciously.

“Er, there was a sudden engine problem and it’s in the shop,” said the bus driver trying to flash a reassuring smile, “this bus is all that was available.”

The bus driver couldn’t believe his eyes at what happened next, the people were actually getting on the bus! He flashed a reassuring smile again and hit the gas pedal. “Small detour.” he said to the puzzled looks of the passengers.


Scary picture of a mental hospital to illustrate this scary story.In no time he was at the front door of the mental hospital. Before anyone on the bus could ask questions he dashed into the hospital. He found some burly looking staff members and explained that he’d arrived with patients that were being especially violent.

“No problem,” said one of the staff members, “we deal with this all the time.” Then they got some straightjackets and several more burly looking staff members to go down to the bus with them.

And that was that. Soon the passengers were in straight jackets kicking and screaming about how they didn’t belong there, but nobody paid any attention to their words. The bus driver knew it was too late to turn back so he quietly returned the empty bus to the station and went on the biggest and longest drinking binge of his life.

It was several months before the staff and the mental hospital realized the trick he’d pulled on them. And by that time many of the bus passengers had actually gone insane from being locked up in the mental hospital for so long.

A search was performed to find the true mental patients …but to this day they’ve never been found…