Scary Story: The Girl Who Sat Alone In The Graveyard


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    Love the stories I've read so far,can't wait for another one!
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    I love it honey....stuff like that makes me tear up every just goes to show the bond of siblings no matter how much they agree and disagree.
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    This is much more believable then that stupid rugrats theory thanks for putting the truth out there :-D
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    Haaiiii (: i just started reading your blog, you are amazing :o!^___^ lol
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    that was soo scary ^ ^ those red eyes gave me the creeps lol


    I like more stories as it's near Halloween. I find them quite interesting while I'm in bed for the night. Keep up the good work
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    I enjoyed the article about Hello kitty's history. I learned many things throughout this article and had a few laughs as well.
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    I love this story, I love to read your storys before I go to sleep its very exciting and it just makes me wanna read more and more ... Anita, I love your stories just keep them coming. :)


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    it helps me to just come here and look up stories. it also helps me past the time by when im not tending to childern. i loved the story of bloody mary. its my favorite thing to read about. so thank you for puting up this notebook.
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    I like this better than the more "traditional" Cinderella stories, frankly.


    Hi Anita, So this isn't a question, but I recently saw your posts about the Hey Arnold! truth and then, about the Rugrats truth. I just wanted to say thank you writing these posts. I have been wondering the real stories for a long time, hoping that the "truths" I kept reading about were untrue. And now I know they are. You saved my childhood=o) Also, I love stories too=o)


    The stories you've posted so far have really fueled my interest in legends
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    Lovely. Last night I read it, as if I'm a child. The more I read the more I was delighted. I wanted that this be real :). Thank you, I love this.
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    More STORIES PLEASE ! I love them !!!
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    I have been reading your stories for a long time and you have inspired me to look further in to things than just the obvious. you have made my life so interesting, THANK YOU. (:


*The Girl Who Sat Alone In The Graveyard*

It’s about time for another scary story, don’t you think? Here’s one that’s been around for a long time in one form or another. I’ve always liked this story (no matter what the version) because of the twist ending, well, see for yourself…Scary story picture of a cemetery at night with spooky headstones.


A group of teenagers were walking home one night, each of them staring down at their shoes but not really paying attention to much of anything. The fact was, they lived in a small town and it had been another boring day in the boring town.

Things had gotten so bad that they didn’t even talk that much anymore because there wasn’t anything new to talk about.

That is, until they happened to pass the town graveyard.

The ringleader of their little group saw an opportunity for something interesting to happen (finally), so he made a sudden turn down the dirt road that lead into the graveyard.

The rest of them followed, half reluctantly and half excitedly. The graveyard had been founded by the mysterious first settlers of the town and was an old, spooky place full of crooked tombstones and moss covered trees. It was definitely terrifying to be there after dark, but at least it wasn’t boring.


Picture of a scary cemetery road to illustrate this spooky story.As they passed the cemetery gate the twisted trees started to block out most of the moonlight and it gave the air a thick, eerie look.

“Oooooooo,” said the ringleader boy in a fake ghost voice and waving his hands in the air, “whoooooo’s scared? I bet you are… VICTORIA!” He yelled the last word and jumped out at a girl who had been looking around nervously.

She screamed and the rest of the group laughed (mainly because they were happy it wasn’t them that got scared). If it wasn’t so dark out they would have seen her face turning bright red in embarrassment. “Oh stop being so stupid,” she said trying to compose herself so everyone would stop laughing.

“Who’s stupid?” said the boy smirking, “at least I’m not afraid of some old piles of dirt.”

“I’m not afraid!” she said a bit too loudly and made a point of walking near a grave.

“I wouldn’t get too close,” said the boy, “if you stand on a grave after dark a hand will come up from the dirt and grab… YOUR FOOT!” he yelled and pointed at her left foot.

Of course, she immediately screamed and jumped away from the grave. The whole group around her burst out into hysterical laughter.

Picture of a boy in a cemetery to illustrate this scary story.This was too much for Victoria to bear. “You’re full of it,” she said, gathering up her courage and walking over to the grave. She made herself stand on top if it, “See, nothing. Who’s the stupid one now?”

“Oh no you don’t,” said the boy, “you wouldn’t be so brave if we weren’t all here to save you if something took hold of your foot.” He then handed her something and said “Here.”

“A knife?” she said, “Oh so what, I’m supposed to be stabbing zombies now?”

“No. We,” said the boy pointing to himself and the rest of the group, “are going to finish walking home. And if you’re not too chicken then you can stand on the grave properly, by yourself, and then stick that knife in the grave to prove that you actually did it.”

“Fine, whatever,” said Victoria. She had meant to sound tough but as usual it just came out weak. She watched as the group turned around and walked down the dirt path towards the gate, they were all giggling.


“Victoria!” whispered somebody from the back of the group, “Just forget it and come on.” It was a girl’s voice, so it was probably her friend Rakisha.

“No, I’m tired of him and his fake stories,” said Victoria and she made a big point of folding her arms and sitting down on the grave.

She listened to the footsteps and was hoping to hear her friend coming back to drag her off, but no such luck. Soon the footsteps completely faded away, leaving her with only the eerie rustling of the dry grass to listen to.

Scary story about being in a cemetery at night and standing on a grave.Victoria sat there shivering on the grave, the hairs on the back of her neck standing up as she became extra sensitive the every little noise around her.

How long would she need to stay there to prove she wasn’t afraid? Every second that passed seemed to make her heart beat harder and harder.

She heard a thud from somewhere behind her and practically jumped out of her skin, and at that she decided she couldn’t wait any longer. Plus …had the ground beneath her moved a bit? Just thinking about the ground moving made her heart practically pound out of her chest and she could barely breathe. With shaking hands she unfolded the knife as fast as she could manage and then stabbed the blade straight into the dirt below.

But when she got up to walk off she realized with a sickening sense of horror that she couldn’t walk. Something had hold of her left foot!

“Help! Help it’s got me!” she yelled while trying desperately to pull her leg free, but it only tripped her up and made her fall down onto the grave. She thrashed and screamed but it was no use, something had hold of her foot. Then everything went dead silent.Picture of a graveyard with old headstones to illustrate this eerie story.


The next day at school word got around that Victoria hadn’t come home the night before. The kids from the group all looked at each other guiltily, then snuck out of class as soon as they got the chance.

They headed to the graveyard, once again not talking, but this time for a different reason. Each one of them was thinking about what they might find there.

And as they walked up to the grave their worst fears were realized. There she was in front of the tombstone, dead but with eyes open and a horror struck look on her face.

Down by her right foot was the knife, still sticking through the corner of her jeans and into the ground.

You see, in her hurry to get away she had stabbed the knife right through the corner of her jeans by her foot and into the dirt. It wasn’t something from the grave that had gotten a hold of her, it was only the knife.

She had been so scared though that she simply couldn’t think clearly enough to set herself free …and had died of terror.


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  1. Sushmita says:

    People say our brain is magical , if you think you can shift a mountain , you can . In this story if the girl was not terrified and believed in herself , she would be alive .

    • sukanya says:

      you are good at literature , you know ! rightly said, we believe , and it happens. it was just to dark for her to see anything and too creepy for her to think anything, all depended upon what she thought and what she believed.

    • Hi Sushmita,

      Yup that’s very true. I like this story a lot because of it’s twist ending. First off twist endings are awesome :D and also because this twist showed an important truth about the world, that if you let your fear control you then it will be your downfall.

  2. Christopher says:

    Its also line the story of the car man that got stuck in one of the refrigerated train cars overnight. The engineers found him the next morning and the autopsy said his vitals stopped as if he froze to death, but they checked the car and it was 60 degrees in there all night. Its just a story my dad told me when i was younger but his co-workers at the railroad still swear it happened.

    • Hi Christopher,

      Awesome, thanks for sharing this one. I hadn’t heard that story before and yeah it definitely sounds like a cousin of the Girl In The Graveyard story.

      The refrigerated train car story seems to be one that’s used a lot in motivational books and seminars to encourage people to change their thinking to something more positive. It’s usually told as a true story but there doesn’t seem to be any actual documented case of it (that anyone can find anyway) …however either way I think these kind of stories make a great point about the power of your own thinking, and since they’re so dramatic the message really stays with a person long after they hear the story.

  3. Rachel berry says:

    I love this story it tells you not to dare people to do dangers things that can kill them and you can even die of being horror that little girl could have growen up to be a good and if aome one died be cuse of me i would never for gave my self a life for a life i say

  4. Sarah says:

    Hi, guys something like this never happened with me but i did have a ghost experience.So I was back from this dinner and alone I was heading upstairs that’s when I saw a small boy who just looked 5 or 6 years old on top of the stairs he was just like us but he was top to toe black like a silhouette.

  5. joe haase says:

    Perhaps a story from the ancient spiritual teachers may clarify for us the meaning of this loss that becomes gain.
    “There was once a salt doll. After a pilgrimage through arid lands, he came to discover the sea which he had never seen before and therefore could not understand. The salt doll asked, “Who are you?” And the sea answered, “I am the sea.” The salt doll asked again: “But what is the sea?” And the sea answered, “I am me.” “I don’t understand,” said the salt doll, “but I would like very much to understand you. What can I do?” The sea simply said: “Touch me.” Then the salt doll timidly touched the sea with the tips of his toes and noticed that it began to be understandable, but then he realized that the tips of his toes had disappeared. “Oops, sea, look what you did to me!” And the sea answered, “You gave me something of yourself and I gave you understanding. You have to give yourself completely to understand everything.” And the salt doll slowly began to enter into the deep sea, slowly and solemnly, like someone doing the most important thing in his life. As he entered, he was also becoming diluted and understanding the sea more and more. The salt doll kept asking: “What is the sea?” Until a wave covered him entirely. At the last moment, before becoming diluted in the sea, he could still say, “I am me.”
    He let go of everything and gained everything: the true self.