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Saw Maleficent Last Weekend And…

Maleficent movie starring Angelina Jolie the true story behind Disney's Sleeping Beauty.Saw the movie Maleficent last weekend and it was really good, definitely worth seeing in the theater (and braving $20 bags of popcorn lol).

I have a special love for stories told from a villain’s point of view and the Maleficent movie didn’t disappoint, showing in panoramic scenes “the true story” behind Sleeping Beauty and the life of it’s fabulous villain Maleficent.

And on top of the awesome story and Angelina Jolie’s performance as the real life Maleficent, I got the bonus of seeing Dolores Umbridge as a tiny flying fairy (wearing pink of course)…

Dolores Umbridge fairy in the Maleficent movie.

I kept on expecting the Dolores Umbridge Fairy to break out with a high pitched *he-hem!* and to insist that Cedric Diggory’s death was nothing but a tragic accident.

Seriously though great movie. Check it out if you can and let me know what you think of the story of Sleeping Beauty told from Maleficent’s point of view.