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Strange But True Story Of The King Who Thought He Was Made Of Glass

Picture of the insane King Charles VI of France.Remember The Orange Juice Man Urban Legend from a couple weeks ago, about the man who took too much LSD and ended up thinking he was a glass of orange juice?

Well here’s a true story that shows you don’t have to overdose on drugs for something that crazy to happen, sometimes a person’s mind just breaks. And it can happen to anyone, even a king…


At the age of 24 King Charles VI was at the top of his game. He’d been crowned king when he was just a child, and had spent many years building up his kingdom trying to make it thrive.

King Charles VI on the throne before he went insane.Now he was finally able to see his dreams becoming a reality and the people loved him for it, so much that they’d started calling him “Charles The Beloved”.

But it all changed one summer day when a close friend of his was attacked and left for dead by a man named Pierre De Craon. Right away people around King Charles VI noticed something odd about his behavior after the attack on his friend. Anger and agitation would be understandable, but he was in a complete frenzy, running around shouting things that didn’t make sense.

He gathered up a small army to pursue Pierre De Craon, who was fleeing on horseback towards another kingdom to escape justice. But no one could seem to move fast enough for the king and he was almost out of his mind with impatience as they traveled through the forest in the sweltering heat.


At the edge of the forest a man came running down the path and right up to King Charles VI. He looked like a leper and was dressed like a wild man, without even any shoes on his feet. He grabbed the king’s horse and said in an ominous voice “Ride no further noble king! Turn back, you are betrayed!” Picture of King Charles VI being stopped by a leper in the woods.

Well as you can imagine the surrounding soldiers got rid of the man right away, but the strange experience seemed to rattle King Charles VI. No one knew how just much though until after they all emerged from the forest and a sleepy paige accidentally dropped the lance he was holding. The lance fell on a helmet that another paige was holding and it make a loud clanging noise that echoed off the forest.

Everybody cringed at the loud noise and continued down the path, but King Charles VI absolutely freaked out. He unsheathed his sword and started chopping at the people around him while yelling “Forward against the traitors! They wish to deliver me to the enemy!”

By the time some of his soldiers were able to sneak up from behind and pull him off his horse he’d already killed four people. He slammed into the ground and went into a kind of coma, his eyes rolling from side to side.

He was in the coma for quite some time and when he woke up he wasn’t the same. Something had snapped in his mind and he began the insane behavior that would last the rest of his life. Picture of King Charles VI after he went insane.


King Charles VI would go through long periods where didn’t recognize his family or even know he was king. He had to be moved out of the castle during these times and he’d run screaming through the halls of the house, so much that the doors had to be walled up so he wouldn’t escape.

The worst though were the times that he went into deep paranoia and believed his entire body was made of glass. He felt that a nudge or breeze might shatter him and he shrieked at the slightest touch. He made his servants sew iron rods into all his clothes to keep “the glass” from breaking but it never helped, because just like The Orange Juice Man it was really his mind that was made of glass.

In between these periods of sheer insanity King Charles VI would almost seem back to normal. Imagine his horror in seeing his kingdom in disarray and hearing about all the crazy things he’d done.

Those around him did their best to cover up the fact that the king had went insane but over the years it became too obvious. No longer did the people call him “Charles The Beloved”, but instead they’d whisper about the strange doings of “Charles The Mad”, the king who thought he was made of glass.