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11 Scary Stories To Read For Halloween

Halloween Scary Story Haunted HouseHalloween time has come around again and you know what that means…scary stories :).

Here’s eleven terrifically terrifying scary stories for Halloween 2014. Pick one …or read them all if you dare…

1. Picture of La Llorona Ghost

*Scary Story Of La Llorona: The Weeping Ghost By The River*

2. Scary Story Of Black Eyed Children

*Don’t Let Them In! Scary Stories Of The Black Eyed Children*

3. Picture of Robert The Haunted Doll scary Halloween story

*Legend Of The Real-Life Chucky: A Haunted Doll From 100 Years Ago*

4. Ghost Story Haunted Train Tracks Urban Legend

*Ghost Children Of The Train Tracks: A Spooky Urban Legend*

5. Japanese Ghost Story Hanako San Halloween

*Legend Of Hanako-San: Spooky Japanese Ghost Of The School Bathroom*

6. Ghost Story Barog Tunnel India Shimla Railway

*Ghost In The Tunnel: The Haunting Story Of Colonel Barog*

7. Scary Story Insane Asylum Bus Halloween

*The Asylum Bus: A Scary Story Of Mistaken Identity*

8. Barog Tunnel Ghost Story Woman In Black

*Ghosts Of The Barog Tunnel: Scary Story Of The Woman In Black*

9. Scary Story Girl Graveyard Knife Halloween
*Scary Story Of The Girl Who Sat Alone In The Graveyard*

CLASSICS The two most popular scary stories on this blog this year are:

10. Halloween-Scary-Stories-To-Read-Bloody-Mary

*Faces In The Mirror: The True Story Behind Bloody Mary*

11. Slender Man Scary Story Halloween
*Is Slender Man Real? True Story And Myth Behind Slender Man*


I like your style! Check out these scary stories from last Halloween:

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