story talk

Ron Weasley And Spiders…

This week’s stories all have to do with fears of one kind or another, so it only makes sense to include this Ron Weasley and his famous fear of spiders:

Picture of Ron Weasley waking up from spider nightmares.

Spiders! I totally can relate to Ron Weasley’s fear of those creepy, crawly little death machines. How can something so small be so scary? Because they’re spiders that’s how.

I have walked into my fair share of sticky spider’s webs while geocaching out in the woods, and there’s nothing that gets me freaked out like the thought of angry, suddenly homeless spiders crawling all over me. Though I have to say that I’ve never ran across anything near the size of Aragog…and hopefully never will!

Follow the spiders. Why can’t it be follow the butterflies?