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The Faceless Ghosts Of Japan

Picture of Japanese faceless ghost noppera-bo.I woke up eyes wide with fear and my heart pounding out of my chest.

I had dreamed that something was trying to kill me, and in my struggle I turned around and saw that it was a ghost with no face. But it was too late to save myself, and the same moment I died in my dream was the moment I woke up.

The house was pitch dark, but I couldn’t shake the image of that terrifying ghost with no face.

There’s just something especially scary about faceless beings …just ask anyone who thinks they’ve spotted Slender Man’s faceless apparition lurking in the woods.

Sightings of eerie beings with no face have been around as far as anyone can remember and even today are seen by people around the world. Like in Japan for centuries there have been stories of beings called Noppera-bo, or “Faceless Ghost”, that are known for terrifying humans.

The most famous Faceless Ghost story involves someone walking down a dark road and encountering a crying woman…


A man was walking on the road to Edo and found himself traveling unexpectedly after dark. He looked around him and felt a little scared, but thought it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle.

Scary woman faceless ghost Japan.After walking for a while and whistling nervously to himself he came upon a woman on the side of the road. She was crouched over and sobbing into her hands in the most pitiful way. He walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder gently, asking what was wrong and how he could help.

Slowly the woman put her hands down and turned her head as if to look up at him, but to his horror he saw that she had no eyes or even a face.

He stumbled backwards for a moment, then the woman started to walk towards him and he ran as fast as he could all the way to Edo.


When he got to Edo the golden sun was rising up into the sky. He was still shaking from the experience, but felt safe with so many people around him now. He bought some breakfast from a food stall and started to tell the owner the story of what had happened to him. When he got to the part about the woman with no face he waited for the man to react with shock, but instead the man stroked his face and said “Like this?”, revealing that he had no face.

Ghost stories from Japan faceless ghosts.

It was then that he realized that all the people around him didn’t have eyes or a mouth. The man was so terrified that he dropped his food, and despite his exhaustion ran straight back to his hometown and up his house. He locked the door behind him and collapsed against it. His wife came up to him with arms open and said “What’s wrong Darling?!?”

In scattered words he told her the whole story of the faceless ghosts, then she said… “Like this?” wiping her face and revealing that she, too, was now a Noppera-bo.


I guess I’m lucky that I didn’t wake up to find that my whole family had turned into Noppera-bo! I think the scariest part of the Noppera-bo Faceless Ghost stories is that there’s no escaping them once they’ve made you their target.

According to legend, the Faceless Ghosts (usually) won’t try to kill you, they just want to drive you crazy with fear by showing up over and over. Which… totally doesn’t make me feel any better lol.

So whether in your dream life or real life, watch out for Noppera-bo, the Faceless Ghost.