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Talking To Ghosts: Shoutout This Week To Ron Potter

Cemetery Path Talking To GhostsThe shoutout this week is to a reader from India named Ron Potter. He wrote me a message about talking to ghosts after reading the story of the Barog Tunnel:

Yes. i have decided to go that place. i like to write ghost stories as novel. Many ghost told their stories to me.

i have talked with a ghost of Inspector of Delhi (1947 Freedom Year) and [got a] good story. but yet i could not write because of my problem. He told me to find his diary. But he told there is a Big Building over there and His diary still under it deep in Earth. : (

I like the idea of ghosts talking to the living and telling their stories, though it sounds like things can get a bit complicated. Let me know if you ever get your novel published Ron and good luck on finding that diary!