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Trying To Visit The Barog Tunnel: Shoutout This Week To Vikrant

Picture of the haunted Barog Tunnel in India.This week’s shoutout is to a reader in India named Vikrant.

He wrote me this email about trying to visit the Barog Tunnel after reading the story about it:

Hi Anita.

I’m back from Barog but no gain any new experience bcz I’m not reached the old tunnel this time bcz heavy rain in Barog

& station master Mr Dutta suggest me you should not go there bcz this weather is so risky.

Well Vikrant I know that you didn’t reach the Barog Tunnel like you wanted, but how cool that you even went out there! If I ever get a chance to visit India I hope to at least see the Barog area like you did. Anyway, better luck next time.

Keep the emails coming folks I love reading these.