Raising The Perfect Child Through Guilt And Manipulation

A picture of the book cover for the book Raising The Perfect Child Through Guilt And Manipulation written by Elizabeth Beckwith

With two cheesy, open mouthed, fake ecstatic expressions a mother and daughter stare out from the cover of this book. You can almost hear them saying loudly in unison ‘Life is just swell!’

What would be a perfectly benign picture in the 1950’s these days screams satire, and when you read the title there seems little room for doubt about this being a book that’s only for laughs.

So I was surprised to read on Amazon that Raising The Perfect Child Through Guilt And Manipulation by Elizabeth Beckwith is actually filled with serious advice on parenting, albeit mixed in with comedy and in the context of the author’s own (skewed?) upbringing.

I think this book cover is definitely one that would catch people’s eye, especially while browsing the maybe not so engaging line of more conventional covers of other parenting books.

Extra points too for the great placement of the text on this cover. The title in the transparent blue circle and the author’s name in a vertical band on the side break the norm of book cover design but are just right imo.

So what kind of parenting advice will you find in this book? According to the book description it’s stuff like this:

Creating a Team: “Us” vs. “Them”
How to Scare the Crap Out of Your Child (in a Positive Way)
Don’t Be Afraid to Raise a Nerd
Mind Control: Why It’s a Good Thing

Lol! Well it certainly doesn’t sound like a boring read.

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