How To Avoid Huge Ships: In Case You Were Wondering

A picture of the book cover for How To Avoid Huge Ships that shows a giant ship in the water in front of you.Lol what? Yes this is a real book.

When you read that title one of your first reactions (after laughing) is likely to be ‘Why would I care about avoiding huge ships?’ But once you see the picture on the cover of this book something inside you might start to reconsider the whole not caring about avoiding huge ships thing.

The cover puts you right at sea level with your neck craning up to look at the sharp tip of a giant sea vessel towering above you. And not only is this giant ship looming over your head but it appears to be moving really fast towards right where you’re sitting. Er, floating.

How long do you have before this unfeeling monstrosity of metal and paint collides with and then inevitably runs right over you?

Minutes, seconds. And oh shit well what kind of evasive action can you be taking right now to try and save yourself in the precious moments that you have left?

Too late, you’re dead. If only you had read that one book you’d seen… what was it called… oh yeah, How To Avoid Huge Ships by Captain John W Trimmer. Alas.

Well, that’s the impression that I get from the book cover anyway. A look at this particular book cover shows that How To Avoid Huge Ships had at least two editions so it must have been pretty helpful to some people out there right? Let’s head over to Amazon and find out a bit more about what this book is all about. The book description says:

Alternate book cover for How To Avoid Huge Ships that shows a blue and white drawing of three ships.Actually there is no book description on any of the Amazon listings for this book. The only clue is another edition of the book that bears the subtitle ‘Or, I never met a boat I liked’ and featuring a blue and white drawing of two average sized ships sailing into the path of and about to be crushed by a gigantic cargo ship.

So maybe instead of being a strange instruction manual How To Avoid Huge Ships sounds like it’s more of a memoir. Specifically the memoirs of John W Trimmer… who used to captain cargo ships maybe? From the perspective of a cargo ship captain it probably seems ridiculous that any ship would ever get into the danger zone of such a huge and obvious vessel.

All speculation of course, but that’s the fun of book covers. And if it really is a memoir it sounds like a pretty interesting one. I’d definitely consider getting this one if I could get a bit of a better sense of what’s behind the cover. If you’re read this book drop me a comment as I’d love to hear some details about it!

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