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Got A Ghost Story To Tell?

Picture of one ghost asking another why he's white as a sheet.

Ever live in a house that was haunted? Get a visit by someone from beyond the grave? Seen something spooky that you just can’t explain?

Whether good or bad, when something like that happens to you no doubt it’s an experience that you’ll never forget. If you’ve got a ghost story you want to share I’d love to hear it! Just head on over to the ghost stories page and tell your spooky story:


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Ron Weasley And Spiders…

This week’s stories all have to do with fears of one kind or another, so it only makes sense to include this Ron Weasley and his famous fear of spiders:

Picture of Ron Weasley waking up from spider nightmares.

Spiders! I totally can relate to Ron Weasley’s fear of those creepy, crawly little death machines. How can something so small be so scary? Because they’re spiders that’s how.

I have walked into my fair share of sticky spider’s webs while geocaching out in the woods, and there’s nothing that gets me freaked out like the thought of angry, suddenly homeless spiders crawling all over me. Though I have to say that I’ve never ran across anything near the size of Aragog…and hopefully never will!

Follow the spiders. Why can’t it be follow the butterflies?

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The Fear Of Slender Man: Shoutout This Week To Scardy_cat198

Picture of Slender Man to illustrate this scary story.The shoutout this week is to a reader who goes by the name of Scardy_cat198. Scardy_cat198 wrote in with his/her story of what it was like to be gripped by fear after first hearing about Slender Man


“I used to be really scared of slenderman when i first heard about him.

When i was in my car with my family i looked to my right (through the window of course) then i first noticed, “There’s a woods next to my neighborhood but still a good distance from my house (i kinda live at the end of my neighborhood sooooooo) when i got home i was too scared to even look to the right or left i just ran for the garage door, took off my shoes, and rushed through the door. I was too scared to take a shower! (shower has a window next to it)

I just ignored everyone around and took a nap on the couch for half an hour. My mom woke me up. She said to go upstairs and go to sleep. -___- “do u want me to die?!” I thought.

So i slowly creeped up the stairs then…… i ran like a chicken who got poked in the butt! Tried to stay asleep but i kept waking up every 30 min. I went downstairs to drink Picture of Slender Man lurking deep in the woods.some milk, but as soon as i started walking to the stairs, i saw something through my window. A tall figure that looked like a tree.

I thought i halusinated (ps don’t know how to spell) cuz i did have tree’s in front of my house but only four. I saw five.:3

ran to my bed, went to sleep, woke up next morning and forgot about it. 5-8 months without thinking bout him really helped. I stopped seeing him, Stopped thinking about him, and went about with my life. But every time i think about him i don’t get scared anymore.”


Thanks for sharing your story Scardy_cat198! I’m glad that after such a scary first day that you were able to overcome the fear of Slender Man right away. Not everybody out there is able to do that so fast after reading the eerie Slender Man stories that are out there, and some people never get over the feeling that he’s stalking them.