Pirate Hint Memoir StoriesAhoy there matey! You’ve landed on the the main page for Hint Memoir stories.

Here be links to all the hint memoirs ever posted, with the newest stories first.

Don’t know what a hint memoir is? Too bad, that means you’ll have to WALK THE PLANK!

Er…okay maybe that’s just the rum talking.

For all ye landlubbers out there, a hint memoir is a game where you tell a story from real life that hints at a bigger, more mysterious story. Yarrr but the fun part is that you have to be tellin’ it in 25 words or less.

Feel free to play along and add yarrr own hint memoirs to the comments of any post.

What’s that you say? You want to use more than 25 words in your hint memoir? WALK THE PLANK YOU SCALLYWAG!!!



The Discovery

Amongst The Silent Crowd At Evergreen
The Christmas Present
The Summer Archaeologist

The Ninja That Turned Into A Pirate
The Birthday Parade
Adventures In Home Ownership

Sitting On Pyramid Stones
The Giant Snowman
Secret Society Of The Rubber Chicken

The Day Everclear Came To Town
Oh The Things That Muggles Do
Doing Battle In The Backyard

Why Not Make Our Own Way?
Outside The Airport During A Windstorm
Not Bad For A Thursday

The Plane Ride Distraction
Crazy Place For A Pen And Paper
The Abandoned Dragon

The Day She Knew That Job Wasn’t For Her
Looking For Pennies In The Backyard
Five Minutes Before The Rescue

What To Do For Fun In Juneau
The Hazards Of Opening A Door
The Visiting Aliens

A Seafarer On Windy Shores
Home Of The Grand Army
Rescuing The Princess

Death By A Million Pine Needles
The Man Who Had Died Alone
Ominous Phone Buzz


Yarrrrrr! What’s this, Jennifer Hint Memoir Month again? With no other hint memoirs in between? Sounds like some lass be needin’ to write more hint memoirrrrs.


A Place For Hearts
The Tea Party Must Go On
Not Coke

The Stilt Giver
The Misbehaving Robot
The Code Cracker

Turning Back Time
The Grey Lion
On The Long Road Home

Exploring A Semi-Random Road
The Sleep Of Warriors
A Birthday Over Grass

Nomad Emergency
The Lost Ring
Dinner In A Foreign Country

On Second Thought Let’s Go Somewhere Else
Frozen In The Woods
The Giant Rake

Ease Of The Investigator
Guest At A Washington Hotel

What She Saw Happening At The Neighbor’s House
The Watcher
The Rental Car Mystery

Throwing My Idea Into The Quitting Hat
The Karate Kid and Happy Birthday Honey!!
The Wayward Quest

Demise Of The Unwanted Visitors
The Airport Dragon
The Adoption


A Cat Vampire Came By In The Afternoon
True Story
Delivering The Free Paper On Mondays

Intersection Swim
Ritual Of Illness
Priorities Of The Oversized Guest

The Mechanical Porch Dwellers
Camping In The Land Of The Midnight Sun
Tragedy Of The Luggage

Dead men tell no tales! Or write hint memoirrrrrs!

If Looks Could Kill, Or Burn
The Boy In Texas With The Long Hair
The Mustard Bottle

An Afternoon In Anchorage
The Neighborhood Park

The Airport Cat
The Pretentious Man Businessman Drives Away
A Leisurely Morning By The Cabin

Cocaine For Cats
Why did everyone decide to meet at this guy’s house?
On The Other Side Of The Car Window

The Ex-Fascist
Fast Food Smurfs
The Hateful Sign Waving Man

Protection Plan At A New School
The Teacher Who Was Afraid To Say Goodbye
Collecting For The Collectors

Singing Border Guard
Arrested By Park Rangers
The Jack In The Box

The Paragawker
The Fish Brothers
At The End Of The Neglected Road Sat A Couch

The Driveway Mannequins
Armed And Nerdy
Under The Railroad Bridge

The Witch’s House
Tram Sham

Shop Owners On An Alaskan Trail

The See-Through Rocket
Ancient Rancid Cheese

The Guest That Was Allergic To Cats
Surfing In Fairbanks
The Wannabe Rapper

Surfing In Fairbanks? Try piratin’ in Antarctica! Me poxy parrot froze sometin’ awful and abandoned ship!

Yarrrr and believe me ya scurvy dog when I say that penguins make sorry replacements for parrots, hurt the shoulder sometin’ awful…arrrr.

Uptight Beach Goers Twenty Yards Away
The Watcher
Arcade Game Graveyard

King Rooster
The Halted Ferry
The Mountain Is A Trickster

Walking Into The Cat House
Japanese Tourist Group
The Horror Of Bird’s Nest

The Rosetta Stone Guy
A Nervous Game Of Telephone
Drive-Through Con Artist

Secret Dinners
Offended By Vegetables

The “Art” Gallery
The Boy With The Strange Sandals

The Man With The Woman On His Back
Just …napping?

To err is human. To arrr is pirate!

Cooking Ancestors
Parades Or Anything Crazy

The Bookstore Funeral
Digital Vision

Cereal Town
Generic Prejudice

Coming Back From The Glacier
Middle School Science Teacher
Man On The Ferry

Friendly Skeleton
Treasure Bridge
Monument Chickens

Hunting For Christmas Trees
Afternoon At The Race Track
The Dangers Of Time Travel

Little Fish
Student At A Poor School
Mr. Mower, Addicted To Mowing

I knew a sorry lad who was addicted to sanding an’ varnishing his new wooden leg. Yarrr it’s true.

He got to bein’ so addled that one day all he had left to stand on were naught but a toothpick!

Hidden From The Road
The Public School Music Teacher

Billboards In An Asian Country
The Old Fairbanks Spider House
The Alaska Boys

The Carnie
Having To Skip Kindergarten

Fake Jail For Ten Minutes
Wasted Delicacy
The Cat Girl

The Mosquito Trail
The Gnome Thieves
Rainbow Ice Cream

The Used Hearse
The Substitute Drummer
The Fake Cigarette

The One Problem
The Deserted Lake In Winter
The Covered Wagon

Free Magazines
Open 24 Hours
The Boy And The Gas Cans

The Beanie Baby Lady
One Box Of Tissues
Are You Chilly?

The Convenience Store Owner
Dodging Porcupines
The Park Festival

The First Non-Scary Bathroom In Two Weeks
The Shelter
Backyard Camping

Avoiding Old Books
The Eagles
The Merry Go Round

Tropical Smog
The Puzzle Woman
A Dark Search

The Back Alley
Stuck In Traffic

The Dog House
Shark Teeth
The Young Dinner Guest

This first ever Jennifer Hint Memoir Month is enough to be bringin’ a tear to me eye an’ makin’ this old bucaneer pos-itiverrrly sentimental.

Yarrrr, I mean WALK THE PLANK!


Jennifer Hero
The Villain: Sweetened Condensed Milk
Setting Up The Kitchen

Oreos Forever
First Things First

Steep Mountain
Picking Cars
The Uncommon Tourist

Chicken Orchestra
Battling The Robot
The River Bell

House Of Songs
First To Find
The Joker

Ferry Ducks
The Find

Just A Plate …Or Is It?
This Week’s Shirt
The Smile

Visiting Ancient Ruins
The Tin
Counting Aliens

Flying Wizard
At The River
The McDonald’s Cup

Lunar Eclipse
Jennifer Hint Memoirs

The Weather Man
Classical Music Fan
Mario And Luigi

A Polite Visit
Smoke Smell
Good Bridge Design

The Old Man
House Hunting

Summer In Anchorage
New To MI
Change Of Plans

On The Way To The Cornfield
The Lone Wolf
Angry Stomp

The Oreos
Disappointment Bridge

The Window
The Great Indoors
The Smell Of Ink

The Longest Boat Ride
High Fever

But… why is the rum gone?

Must Have Been Good Medication
Walmart FBI
Country Club People

Scary Babysitter

The Loud Girl
The Delivery Driver

Cemetery Trees After Sprinklers
Five Second Rule

The Woman At The Counter
A Painted Necktie
Crappy Apartments

The Elevators

The Raft
Protesters In A Seattle Square
A Nightmare

Ground Waves
The Month Of Horror
The Cage

Duck Hunt
Factory Shadow
3 A.M. Graffiti

The Guitar Guy
Sand For A Bed

The Death Girls
We Were Shocked
The Rocket

The Vitamins
The Mummy


Avast! What’s this? Ye be makin’ it all the way to the 2010 hint memoirrrs? Maybe yer not the landlubbing scallywag as I first thought yarrrr were after all.

Why not be tryin’ yer hand (or hook) at writing your own hint memoirrrr? Follow me to Hint Memoir Island and let’s see what yarrrr made of!

Car Chase On New Year’s Eve

Bleach Food
Rented Stories
The Wirawans

Depression Shopper
On The Giant Mushroom
Awkward Santa

The Lead Car
Decoy Tree
So Called Water

Ant Farm Sign
Never Seen Snow
Not The Teacher’s Pet

Dirt Floor House
Not As Seen On HGTV
City Girl

The Broken Oar
Furniture Ramen
Asbestos Girls

Fake Fossils
Soul Captures
Spelling Bee

Snowman Controversy
Easter Egg Hunt
Stacks Of Pennies

Garage Sale Ladies
Catnip Baby
Strange Addiction

The Raven
American Department Store

Sharp Edged Stairs
Indian Dancing
The Arrow

One Armed Vet
Hernando’s Hideaway
The Tall Girl

Deep Woods Reflectors
A Bar Of Soap
Funeral Home Santas

First Day Of School, Almost
First Week In A New Country
Housekeeper’s Banter

The Cartoonists
Dinosaur Footprints
The Windiest Place I’ve Ever Lived


Teen Spirit
One Packet Of Hot Chocolate
Charity Christmas

The Planetarium Keeper
Well Behaved
Tree Energy

Satellites, Tupperware, And Spiders
Not Baby Whales
Nuclear Power Plant

The Singer
Whistling At The Northern Lights

Cat Is Freaked Out
Morning Shore

Forgot The Flashlights
Dead Man’s Curve
World War II

Gold Rush Bridge
Fire Drill

The Revolution
City Of His Parents

Bottom Of The Canyon
‘Uh huh.’
Living Zombie

Water’s Edge
Candy Bars

The Forest Bench
Dog Chain
My Friends House

Helter Skelter

Evil Ostrich
Chain Saws
Shock Therapy

October Hint Memoirs
Glass Eating Rabbits
Cemetery Neighborhood

Glacier Cars
Counter Offer
Cemetery At Night

Bits Of Glass And Moose Fur
The Cat

Salvation Army

Hiking At Night
Elephant House

Wonder Where It Is Now
Crushed Lightbulbs
Uh oh

Crystallized Rocks

Eighteen Presents

Flipped Over
Foster Father

The Doctor
Smoke Break
‘Pancakes’ A Hint Memoir By Jennifer

No Arms
Code Red

Daughter Or Son?

‘Homeless’ A Hint Memoir By Jennifer

Hot Air Balloon Crash
Lonely Place For An Ice Cream Shop

A Single Grain Of Rice
Zoom Zoom

Dinner In Jakarta
Guide Dogs
Hint Memoirs – Trying Something New