Gordon Ramsay Brings In Julieta To Keep Things From Crashing And Burning

Picture of Chef Gordon Ramsay and Chef Julieta Ballesteros on the show Kitchen Nightmares.After supposedly retreating to New York city to think about how to fix the horrible bleephole of a restaurant that is Fiesta Sunrise, Gordon Ramsay comes back with Chef Julieta Ballesteros.

“This restaurant is so bloody hopeless that I had to bring in a ringer just so that we can end the show on a high note.

And btw she’s from Mexico and speaks Spanish so no bullshit from you cooks who pretend not to understand English.”

Julieta makes a point of saying she’ll only do this for Gordon Ramsay, so fuck off all you owners of crappy restaurants out there that are thinking of calling her up to get free consulting.

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