Julieta Shows The Fiesta Sunrise Cooks Pictures Of How The Food Is Supposed To Look

*cue dramatic Getting Things Done In An Unrealistic Span Of Time Music*

Scene from Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares where Chef Julieta instructs Fiesta Sunrise cooks on how to cook basic Mexican food.Narrator: “In order to ensure a successful relaunch, Chef Julieta stays on top of everything and everyone in the kitchen.”

Julieta: “Okay remember you have to fully cook the chicken. You cannot serve the customers raw chicken straight out of the fridge. Okay?

Remember cook the chicken before serving.

Step 1: cook the chicken.
Chef Julieta showing a Fiesta Sunrise cook about how to make guacamole.Then step 2: serve the chicken.”

“See this?

Do not make 300 batches of it and then store it in a trash can and then leave it in the fridge for 5 months before serving it to the customers.”

Scene from Kitchen Nightmares where Chef Julieta talks to the kitchen staff of Fiesta Sunrise Mexican restaurant, now closed.“Do you see the pictures of food on the board next to me? These are what the meals on the menu are supposed to look like.

Do you see any slimy fish or mushy Mexican rice in the pictures? No? Good.

So remember, when you are not sure about whether to use slimy fish or mushy Mexican rice then come look at these pictures.”

I do feel sorry for these cooks though, especially the guy in the last picture he got a lot of camera time during the show and it always seemed like he was absolutely horrified by the whole situation.

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