This is an ongoing project to make a directory of links to biographies and memorials, with a focus on pages about and maintained by private individuals.

The idea for this directory came when I was working on a memorial site for my brother Jody. While looking for inspiration and ideas I noticed that it was really hard to find biographies/memorials of people who weren’t famous and weren’t maintained by a 3rd party site. (Nothing against memorials maintained by 3rd party sites, they just have a different style than what I was looking for.)

This project is still in it’s beginning stages and is something I’ll be working on in my spare time. As I find more sites they will be added to the top of the list to make it easier to check back and see the newest ones. If you have a site you’d like to see on this list please use this contact form to submit it.

Dan Bartolaba Memorial Blog

Jenny Anne Doenges Memorial

Jody Michael Wirawan Memorial And Biography