It’s about a six hour drive to Fairbanks, the weather forecast had said rain, rain, rain which made me worry a lot before the trip. I was happily surprised to see clear blue skies on our way out.

We stopped a lot to do geocaching, which usually means going to the nearest pull-off and then walking a bit. That’s our car way in the distance on the right.

This cache was at a landmark that Jennifer and I have gone to a lot over the last 10+ years but we had no clue there was a hidden game going on there.

Jennifer found the cache :). The scratched in graffiti on the upper right says “Eagle River to Fairbanks and back in ’93 on a bike. -Kirk” That’s about 690 miles up and down mountains, hardcore.

In summer I often see groups of people picking berries around here.

A glacier carved valley.

Ahtna is an Alaska Native Corporation that often charges for official access to their land.

Take a few more pictures ;) and then it’s back on the road, we’re about halfway to Fairbanks…

Bridges usually have geocaches on or around them.

This one was kind of a long walk down an incredibly icy cold windtunnel.

Why was it so icy cold? Well…


Fast forward a few hours and we’re heading up on Fairbanks. The land here isn’t mountainous, it’s a mix of marshy flatland and hills. It’s been a few years since I’d been in Fairbanks which is why I’d never heard of…

The Plane House. Or whatever they’re trying to make it into. It’s a residential area so everyone is assuming house but…any other guesses? Some people try to turn planes into restaurants but this wouldn’t be such a great location for a restaurant.

They even got the plane staircase truck to go along with it. Looks like they’re trying to make it hard for someone to quickly use the stairs.

“No Trespassing”. I’m sure all the kids in the neighborhood ignore the sign and go right on in. Maybe it’s up there to cover the owners in case anyone gets injured.

Outside of the Fairbanks DOT is an old horse drawn ice scraper…or road leveler…not sure. It has a cache in it.

Not sure what this structure used to be but now it sits in the middle of a mostly burned bit of forest.

Sour was here, in case you were wondering.

Somebody got lazy and decided to just hang their cache from a tree.

Inside was a ‘please don’t steal our nerdy game’ card.

Stopping for a cache on the way back to Anchorage. Jennifer is in this picture but she’s slightly camouflaged.

Aww I love her :).

To log the cache online you have to use your phone. We opted to do this part in the car where the was shelter from the cold and wind.

And then it’s back on the road home to Anchorage. I had a lot of fun on the trip, Fairbanks was nice but my favorite part was being able to have long conversations on the drive while surrounded by such great weather and beautiful scenery.

It finally did rain a little in the last hour and a half of the whole trip (thanks to those clouds you can see way in the distance). But by that time we’d had all our fun and so it didn’t bother us a bit :).