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Back before starting Anita’s Notebook I used to blog my heart out on MySpace. Personal posts about the soaring triumphs of life and it’s crushing heartbreaks …random videos that knocked my socks off or made me laugh… whatever I liked to write about and thought my friends would want to see.

This was back when most people checked MySpace several times a day to see what was new. Well fast forward years later and MySpace had become a ghost town. The mass migration of people from MySpace to Facebook was almost complete, and MySpace decided to delete the blogs on everyone’s profiles. To save space? Maybe. But most likely so that they can keep pretending that MySpace is now a happening place for people who love music, and not a dead social network.

No matter what the reason, the posts on my MySpace blog were gone …but not the people wanting to read them. A close friend of mine wrote me:

How Sad I feel to see that this site is all gone, a couples of months back I still read them from time to time specially when I was really down and I read them and made me feel back on track again.

I miss those blogs in Myspace

I promised her I’d re-post my MySpace blogs here. Don’t worry, I said, you’ll be able to read them anytime. Then weeks and months went by, each day that passed seemed to bring another distraction from re-posting the blogs. So many excuses lol! I feel bad that it’s been such a long time, but at least I’m posting them now. Here’s a list of links to the old blog posts, now saved here on Anita’s Notebook so that anyone can read them, any time :).

D-7 On Repeat

Made It

Mmmm coffee…

Medieval Torture Devices

So much for the covert spy vs. spy detective agency

I heart Stephen Colbert :-P

‘Whatever *that* means…’

DAmn you MySpace!

Yay, a plate…

‘Let It Ring’

Certain death on a thin piece of plastic…


Slanderous Lies! (Gummy Bears, Microwaves, and Snappy Comebacks)

I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little


More pleasure…more flavor…

Video: Two new ARay songs…

Remember these old commercials?

Damn you flu!

Tinder Fungus isn’t such a great idea.

The chords for Sugartongue

Our Trip Vs. Lacrymosa

Video: Our Goofy Road Trip Conversations

Let It Ring

Video: On Your Honor

No Easter basket is safe!

Stop filming!!!

A video and the Bird Flu…

Random Weird Stuff…


Let The Bodies Hit The Floor (Evangelical Remix)

Playing catch up…

Outtake Vid

Oh. My. God.

Playin Pool

The Scariest Infomercial Ever…

But not me.

No pressure or anything…”

“Trying to keep the aliens from reading my thoughts…”

Cereal straws? That’s disgusting.

Things I Learned On Vacation (Suicidal rabbits, packing tape, and giant RV’s.)

This September

“Put the chainsaw down darling”

Overture To Acts Of Murder

Gawkers. What the hell are you looking at? (Picking out salad dressing.)

Staring at the ceiling for three hours straight like some deranged mental patient.

Wish it was always that easy…

Back To Ground Zero

To: Everybody

Going to Indonesia. And meeting my Dad. After twenty years. (Part 1)

Going to Indonesia. And meeting my Dad. After twenty years. (Part 2)

Relay For Life 2008 [ Pictures ]

When Ostriches Attack

And even worse, retarded deejays.

!= A long damn time in front of the computer.


(Surprisingly, Disappointingly)


Panic attacks. And voting. And how to fill out a ballot in Alaska.

Meant to post this a couple days ago



A Thousand Words

The Most Hardcore Metal Video Ev9a0r!!!!

The 26th of February


Stoires From Our Life Together

What’s Behind Palin’s Resignation…


A New Site About Jody

Moleskine Art

Local News! Hell Yeah!!

Qaisara Numa Rahman

Living Off The Grid (Formspring Question)

My Greatest Fear

My cat is freaked out, but why?

Some things are just so amazing…

Let’s Get Lost In The Woods…

Alaska Dipnetting (A Story In Pictures)

It’s been great reading these old blogs and revisiting the past, I feel like I just opened a time capsule. The only thing missing is all the great comments and conversations that people had left for each post, I wasn’t able to rescue those when MySpace deleted the blog posts, hmmm I wonder if there’s a way to retrieve those somehow. Anyway, hope you liked it!