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Here’s a vid that I did for a local Relay For Life team. It’s of a lasagna feed that was held to raise money for the American Cancer Society…

I have to say that I layed in bed kind of panicked that morning. Just looking up at the ceiling and thinking:

Oh shit.
I’ve never done this before.
I’ve got to film this event and make a video…
…of people eating lasagna.
And not make it suck.
I wonder how easy it is to fake the Bird Flu?
If I had the Bird Flu people would understand why I didn’t go in.
And just layed in bed all day.
And not make a video of people eating lasagna.

Seriously though, thanks to everybody who stopped by and helped out that day…you rock!

Want to help us out and donate to the American Cancer Society? You know you want to! This is a situation where even five bucks will make a difference…and you can make a donation in honor of someone you know who’s had cancer. Plus you’d be my hero and I’d love you forever and ever. Well maybe I’d already love you forever and ever anyway but this is like insurance lol…

Click Here To Help. Because you’re cool like that.