[This is a blog post I wrote for MySpace on 1/31/2009 5:48:00 PM. To see the story behind why this is here and for links to the rest of the posts, check out the main MySpace page here on Anita’s Notebook.]


Yeah so the O RLY blog seems to be having some technical difficulties. The link is still there but the blog itself has vanished. (**Update: It’s disappeared completely now.**) Hmm, I wonder if somebody who didn’t want that particular information to get out flagged the blog post. I wrote MySpace asking what happened but have gotten nothing back from them yet. I think that if it was censored I at least should be told why. Then again it could just be some weird coincidence so who knows.

Anyway, the word is out now so that’s the important thing. Thanks to everybody who read it/commented I appreciate that. Now that there’s more transparency to the situation I think it’s less likely to happen again.

And if you’re looking for the O RLY entry it was crossposted at my other blog:

(copy and paste in your browser)Â http://anitawirawan.blogspot.com/2009/01/o-rly.html

Thanks :)