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Well this post is a little late but…we made it to Anchorage. A week early hehe. Jen decided that she couldn’t stand waiting around anymore (totally with her on that one) and said ‘hey, how about we just leave now??’. 24 hours later we’re here. 2 a.m., eyes red, and dead fucking tired from the drive and boring-ass ferry ride.

It’s been a week and it’s just now starting to sink in that we actually live here. So far it’s been great. Lots of stuff to do (as opposed to the three things to do in Juneau lol). There’s a shitload of bike paths here, more than I’ve seen in any city. We bought a couple of bikes and go exploring in the evenings. Oh yeah and I’ve seen more sun in the week we’ve been here than in the 3 years we were in Jun ;-p.

What I’m listening to: an Indigo Girls Bootleg (Roseland Ballroom 2005)