[This is a blog post I wrote for MySpace on 3/1/2008 4:33:00 AM. To see the story behind why this is here and for links to the rest of the posts, check out the main MySpace page here on Anita’s Notebook.]

   So a couple weeks ago I was sleepily browsing who knows what on the internet and stumbled on a site called Prelinger Archives. It’s basically a collection of old movies, ads, propaganda, and other generally derelict footage that probably would have been lost forever otherwise. A lot of it is from the 40’s-50’s-60’s, which really clicked with me since I’d been watching a lot of TCM at the time. I started to think about maybe doing a YouTube video that incorporated some of that footage.

  Whenever I was listening to my iPod I kept an eye out (ear open? mind…well whatever fuck it) for a song that might work with something from the archives. ‘They Won’t Have Me’ by The Indigo Girls with all it’s imagery of old farmers and new subdivisions seemed like it would be fun to try. I wasn’t sure if it would actually pan out, but it turned out to be pretty easy. A few minutes of searching came up with all sorts of footage of farms, farmers, suburbia, and even the Subdivision Man lol. Score. Wish it was always that easy to find stuff for a video.