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The Twin Brothers Raised By An Alcoholic Father

Twin brothers raised by alcoholic fatherA tale of two brothers, each shares the same dark past…


A reporter sat on a city sidewalk next to a homeless man, ready to record his story for her article. Resting on the man’s lap was a backpack that contained all the belongings he had in the world.

The reporter opened her notebook and clicked her pen. “How did you end up here?” she asked gently, “How did you become homeless?”

The man quickly revealed that it was all because of his childhood, as he’d grown up with a father who was a raging alcoholic. Each evening his father would guzzle beer after beer, then take his anger out on his twin sons.

Not only would the father use physical violence, but he would use evil words to crush the spirit of his sons. Day after day, year after year.

“After a childhood like that,” said the man, what chance did I have? Of course I ended up being an alcoholic myself after what I had been through, and only having my father as an example. Over the years of drinking I lost everything and now here I am homeless on this sidewalk.”


The reporter was moved by the homeless man’s story, and she couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to his twin brother.

The twin who overcame his childhoodWith some work she was able to track him down, but she was in for a shock.

When she met the twin brother her jaw dropped to see that he was living in a large house and had been a successful businessman for many years. He smiled warmly while introducing her to his family and showing her around the house.

When she asked him how come he hadn’t ended up an alcoholic like his father, his answer was clear:
With a childhood like that, there was no way I would ever touch a drop of alcohol or anything like it! Instead I strove to be a better person and make a happy life for myself.”


I like this story because it delivers a simple yet powerful message about life—> how we look at things can end up deciding our future.

The only thing separating the twin brothers was the way they looked at their childhood, yet it made all the difference in the world!

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Other Beings Walking With Slender Man: Slender Man Sighting Question From Zulaikha

Picture of Slende Man sighting in woods

“I 100% believe in slenderman. I have seen him roaming in the woods. But the weird thing was that there was 2 more ppl

well girls.1 was young but scary the other looked like granny from that horror game.

PLZ let me know what this is I am seeing NEVER GO IN THE WOODS ALONE”

-question left by reader Zulaikha on the ‘Is Slender Man Real?’ story

Hi Zulaikha,

I decided to answer this in a post because I think other people might be having the same kind of problems as you are with Slender Man.

Okay so first off Slender Man is something that’s a projection of a person’s mind. And when you “see” Slender Man it is because the fears in your mind are making the things you see in the world look like him.

A deep shadow in the road outside your house? Suddenly you see the tall form of Slender Man standing there, watching you. Hazy movement far off in the woods? Slender Man is walking at a distance, stalking.

This is because of how the character of Slender Man is written and how the stories are set up, it sticks in your mind and can change to fit any situation if you focus on it.

Slender Man sighting questionSo I think that when you see these other beings, the scary girl and the horror game granny, walking along with Slender Man then you are seeing beings that have meaning in your mind personally. Since they are walking with Slender Man then they are probably occupying the same fear section in your mind as Slender Man.

The danger of “seeing” Slender Man in real life is that the paranoia about him can quickly snowball into a huge problem. Soon you are seeing him everywhere, and for you specifically the problem might be worse because you might start seeing the scary girl and the horror game granny as well.

I would recommend that you make a point of focusing on things that bring out positive images in your mind. Maybe there is a sport that you can really get into or a kind of music that lifts your spirits and puts you in a positive frame of mind. Seek out stories that deal with adventure and lose yourself in those story worlds.

You are right about one thing though, you shouldn’t go into the woods alone. Since it is a fearful thing for you if you are in the woods alone it’s a lot easier to get paranoid and start “seeing” Slender Man and his companions. Go into the woods only with friends or just stay home and read some adventure stories.

Anyway, hope this helps! If you have more questions or comments just write them in the comment section below and I’ll answer.



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