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Can you read me now?

In keeping with the last post’s sentiments of making this blog a better reading environment I’ve set up some mobile support for the site. Apparently the content was impossible to access on some phones and just screwy looking on others (think tiny frozen word jumble).

So now if you go to any page here on a cell phone it should pull up a version that’s friendly to your particular type of phone. Also on the bottom of each page is a link to switch between the desktop and mobile versions…not sure yet if that’s relevant to anybody’s life but it came with the plugin so I just left it there for now.

Anyway, hope that helps and let me know if there’s still any problems with access or usability around here.

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In Search Of Blog Zen

So I was stumbling blogs on Stumbleupon last night and came across a blog that really made me stop in my tracks. The design was very clean and minimalist, no cluttered sidebars or things trying to stretch your attention in a million different directions. This made focusing on the actual content refreshingly (like the first sip of a crisp cold soda on an oppresively hot summer day refreshingly) easy. I mean it was really nice to read and I spent more time on that blog than at any of the other countless ones that I’d seen that night. It’s such a rare thing nowadays to see a blog like that unless it’s absolutely brand new and the owner hasn’t gotten around to muddying things up yet.

That blog made me take a second look at how things were going at this one and the kind of environment it is for people to read in. I had chosen this WordPress theme specifically because it was minimalist and wasn’t full of distractions to the content, but over time it seems like it got all cluttered anyway. Adding stuff to the theme here and there didn’t seem like a big deal at the time but it definitely piled up.

I guess it’s human nature to keep adding things and to try to make something more complex. Or maybe in this case it’s just a symptom of lack of confidence in the actual content. Either way, I’m going to spend a little time scaling back and streamlining all things theme-wise here. And then get to writing some posts, which is the real point of having a blog anyway :).

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Inbox zero. Cue the angelic choir music and bright rays of triumphant golden sunlight shining down from the heavens through parting clouds. Yes, I finally have this whole crazy email thing under control. Life is good.


Inbox Zero talk by Merlin Mann @Google -It’s an hour long but hey that’s less time than I used to spend haunting the inbox most days…